Thursday, 26 February 2009

Buy or not to buy?

Shall i repurchase another breast pump?

I have Avent manual breast pump. Still functioning. But ho... it going to more time to pump if compare to electrical pump like medela breast pump,Spectra breast pump,and etc.

My works like never ending... i need something fast, fast, fast. But ho, electrical pump too expensive! Medela one over RM1500 and Spectra one don't know the quality yet.

So, want to buy bo leh?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Yang: " Today i study. Can i drive the fire engine?"

My Yang now "showed" that he want to study liao. Why?

First - both teacher and i "push" him a bit.
Second - everyday will have great lecture from this ngam ngam cham cham mommy.
Third - He was so afraid that he can't drive the fire engine as i told him if he don't know how to read, he won't ever can drive the fire engine because he can't read the sign board and press any button.(evil mom!)

His improvement still very slow loh. but at least he is showing he want to study or in other ways, he can sit still to study liao. Never expect him to write yet!

ah... a long way to go kok!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Just bought this Spider man slipper for Yang. He is very happy with it. He put it beside him bed when go to sleep.

This morning insisted want to bring along his Spider man slipper to nanny house. He said he must show this Spider man slipper to his auntie. LOL!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Jing's visited dentist!

Jing went to visit dentist on Saturday.

First, she was changing another tooth and second she complaint she feel pain inside when eating food. Oh...she's having teeth decay!!

She was so brave. Didn't cry at at all. But from now on she "knew" that she need to take extra good care of her own teeth. She said she hate the "em...em..." sound during dentist "grail" her tooth. haha...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Yang is making own music!

Mommy was too busy doing works, as i kept on asking Yang wait until i finished mywork then only i am free to turn his favorote Kindermusic CD on.

See, He can't wait liao! He just put on his ankle bells and making his own music by beating the empty oat milk tin with spoon. Haha.... He loves music very much!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Yang refused to study!

What should i do leh? My Yang refused to study but not rejected to go to school.

The nursery teacher complaint to me that my Yang refused to learn. He argued with the teachers! He told his teacher that he wants to play only. :(

I am so headaches with him. Till today, maximum 3 fresh cards only!

The teacher told me that they have to push him a bit and hope that i understand. I told them please do so as i am pushing him at home too. No more toys (cars, etc) for him only reading and some educational toys (matching cards, puzzle, trace the line, etc) for him now! I have to do so. I am not expecting he become a genius but at least at his age he knew 1-10 and A to Z mah.

em... What should i do leh?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


It has been a long long time didn't wait for the sunset.

Today i have the time to relax myself especially alone!

Very nice.

Meeting or Vacation?

I am in Port Dickson now!

Came here for meeting. But, meeting or vacation?

You know what i mean!

Here i showed you some photos.

Nice ha?

Why war?

Both my kids love to ask - any question!

This few days the news more on Perak and Palestine.

When reading newspaper,
Jing: "Why there are always "fighting" news? What they fight for?"
Me:"This is so call politic."
Jing:"what is politic?"
Me:"...what should i explain to her?" Throw the question to daddy!
Actually,what should i explain to her? In a "polite" way or the "reality"?

When watching news on TV about Palestine,
Yang:"Mammy, what are they doing?"
Me:"There is a war between Palestine and Israel."
Yang:"What is war?"
Me:"War mean two country or more fight each other for something."
Yang:"Why fight? They are naughty. Why the kids hurt? Pain ah?"
Me:"Yes, they are hurt. Very pain. During war, there sure someone will get hurt."
Yang:"Why? It's pain!"
Me:" ..."
Should i told him that it's like that one lo.

War mean man are killing each other!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Met an accident this afternoon.I am OK butmy car not ok. Scract at the backseat door. I am the one wrong la so need to pay RM200, it's Honda CRV! Myjust Iswara.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

LAZY again!

em... Today is 10th of CNY, it's time to go back to work!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Beh Tahan!!!

I really beh tahan liao!!!

My father-in-law retired almost 2 years. At first, he really help me a lot, but now... i knew he love Jing more than Yang, but please don't "showed" it in front of they two. I can "feel" it, i bet the kids will feel it too!

What i beh tahan one more thing is he like to disturb Yang. When i tried to ask Yang to do something which i am trying my best to improve his concentration, he will come and disturb Yang! Spoilt everything lah...

Jing, pulak... when return from school, first thing i want my kids to do is to bath. Then ho... This Yeh Yeh will ask no to bath first and let Jing do whatever she want to do - sit in front of TV!!! When he is at home, the TV is 24 hours on!

If i am on leave at home, i will fetch Jing by myself. Around 530pm. He knew it. But purposely he went out at 515pm and asked me to on Channel 613 because Yang can watch it after woke up from afternoon nap. with nobody around st home. can you image?

I wonder why he act like this recently? too relax? if he really don't want to help, please tell me. So, i think i really need a maid as soon as possible.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Genting Trip during CNY - day 2

Day 2 in Awana Genting.

First, early morning 7am everyone needs to wake up. Because 830am having Lion dance in front the hotel.

Mum:"Yang, wake up loh. Lion dance is waiting for you."
Yang immediately opened his eye and said:" I want to bath and change!"
See, the power of Lion dance.
Jing... I need to "shake" her or she "can't" hear anything’s!!

Then we went Rajawali for breast fast. Then Yang just can't wait to go. His Ku Ku (Hubby's cousin) has to bring him along, although she needs to work. She is charged the Lion dance presentation.

I never expected that I can saw the fire cracker. Now my kid knows what “放鞭炮” is! Yang was so frighten. Jing is big girl now, she enjoy it very much.

Jing and Yang were so enjoying with the Lion Dance. Both of them followed the Lion from front to the back and to the front again! And both of them need others to carry. Definitely not me, I have backup groups. hehe...

After that we went to Genting theme part. First off cause looking for lunch. everywhere were so crowded! only one place seems so less person - The Mamak Store. And that's the cheapest meal in Genting compare to the others.

Then we went to watch Happy Shoaling Legend. Hubby's cousin in charge this project too, so FOC. It's a musical show. Yang falls to sleep after 15 minutes! Jing enjoying it a lot till today still discuss about it.

After the Happy Shoaling Legend show, we need to wait until 9pm for the Dreamz. So we separate into 2 groups, one to Casino and another one to accompany the kids to play indoor game.

Jing and Yang play N time with the games. Per ride is RM8 but per day is only RM28 for kid. So clouded it's the good time to teach our kid to Q-up before playing and game. But some of the parents just missed this good chance they were so rude! I just can't tahan!!

Then we went to food court to have our dinner. Brother-in-law treat us a nice dinner because he won some money from Uncle Lim.

It's time to go watch Dreamz. Jing and Yang so excited. They had been waiting days for the white tiger and white lion. Yang just can't wait for the show to start! We sat at the 3rd row from front. So clear! Jing and Yang just... wah...

Then, both of them asked to take a photo with the white tiger. Daddy has to pay RM60 just for one 8R photo.

After the photo section, those two kids still want to play. So, once a year let them play till they tired. By that time its 12am liao.

Em... Jing and Yang were so satisfied!