Sunday, 1 February 2009

Genting Trip during CNY - day 2

Day 2 in Awana Genting.

First, early morning 7am everyone needs to wake up. Because 830am having Lion dance in front the hotel.

Mum:"Yang, wake up loh. Lion dance is waiting for you."
Yang immediately opened his eye and said:" I want to bath and change!"
See, the power of Lion dance.
Jing... I need to "shake" her or she "can't" hear anything’s!!

Then we went Rajawali for breast fast. Then Yang just can't wait to go. His Ku Ku (Hubby's cousin) has to bring him along, although she needs to work. She is charged the Lion dance presentation.

I never expected that I can saw the fire cracker. Now my kid knows what “放鞭炮” is! Yang was so frighten. Jing is big girl now, she enjoy it very much.

Jing and Yang were so enjoying with the Lion Dance. Both of them followed the Lion from front to the back and to the front again! And both of them need others to carry. Definitely not me, I have backup groups. hehe...

After that we went to Genting theme part. First off cause looking for lunch. everywhere were so crowded! only one place seems so less person - The Mamak Store. And that's the cheapest meal in Genting compare to the others.

Then we went to watch Happy Shoaling Legend. Hubby's cousin in charge this project too, so FOC. It's a musical show. Yang falls to sleep after 15 minutes! Jing enjoying it a lot till today still discuss about it.

After the Happy Shoaling Legend show, we need to wait until 9pm for the Dreamz. So we separate into 2 groups, one to Casino and another one to accompany the kids to play indoor game.

Jing and Yang play N time with the games. Per ride is RM8 but per day is only RM28 for kid. So clouded it's the good time to teach our kid to Q-up before playing and game. But some of the parents just missed this good chance they were so rude! I just can't tahan!!

Then we went to food court to have our dinner. Brother-in-law treat us a nice dinner because he won some money from Uncle Lim.

It's time to go watch Dreamz. Jing and Yang so excited. They had been waiting days for the white tiger and white lion. Yang just can't wait for the show to start! We sat at the 3rd row from front. So clear! Jing and Yang just... wah...

Then, both of them asked to take a photo with the white tiger. Daddy has to pay RM60 just for one 8R photo.

After the photo section, those two kids still want to play. So, once a year let them play till they tired. By that time its 12am liao.

Em... Jing and Yang were so satisfied!