Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Why war?

Both my kids love to ask - any question!

This few days the news more on Perak and Palestine.

When reading newspaper,
Jing: "Why there are always "fighting" news? What they fight for?"
Me:"This is so call politic."
Jing:"what is politic?"
Me:"...what should i explain to her?" Throw the question to daddy!
Actually,what should i explain to her? In a "polite" way or the "reality"?

When watching news on TV about Palestine,
Yang:"Mammy, what are they doing?"
Me:"There is a war between Palestine and Israel."
Yang:"What is war?"
Me:"War mean two country or more fight each other for something."
Yang:"Why fight? They are naughty. Why the kids hurt? Pain ah?"
Me:"Yes, they are hurt. Very pain. During war, there sure someone will get hurt."
Yang:"Why? It's pain!"
Me:" ..."
Should i told him that it's like that one lo.

War mean man are killing each other!!


LittleLamb said...

ahahhaha i think explain to them the truth is better.. but i know difficult.

i know my turn will come when philip will ask why i got this, n u got that...;p

Moo mommy said...


The truth is not the reality. They will keep on asking!!