Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Penang Bird Park

It's national holiday - Malaysia National Day. Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

So, where should i bring my kids to? hm... Penang Bird Park la! It's located at Seberang Perai, just 20minutes from my home, at Bukit Mertajam.

3 of them knew that I want to bring them to Bird Park, so before 8am, they all woke up without "mummy alarm"!

They were so excited!!

Since my colleague gave me the Buy 1 free 1 coupon, the entrance fee can save me RM22.50! Adult was RM15 and kid was RM7.50.

We arrived at 10.20am. At the ticket counter, we were told that the birds show started at 1130am. Means we have 1 more hour to visit the whole park. More than enough time for my kids to run around.

So,all about birds!! I can heard them keep calling:"Mummy, you see, here have... There you see, here have... Wah... Wah... this one so colorful, that one is black..." They really enjoyed themselves!!!

During the birds show, another exciting things for them. What they really enjoy were when the parrot,owl, horn bill and eagle were free flying on our top.

During the photography section, Yang was the brave one, he kept asking want to hold the birds, especially the great giant parrot. The birds weight was 1+kgs!!

Before going home, we stop at the restaurant for our lunch. The price is fare. We also try the fish and chip cause according to the bird park owner, he just caught a "Shang Yu" yesterday, guarantee the fish is fresh! haha...

The funniest part, you will given a buy a soft drink and get 1 free souvenir. Never heard this offer before, usually is buy a souvenir get a free soft drink.

Hm... Mann just slept on my hand after she was full. And the others 2 also slept on our way back home.

What a meaningful holiday!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

GiveAway Scout

Just to inform you that i just added a "click on bar" on my blogspot. See the left bottom...

Who know u or i are entitle to the Giveaway... hehe...

I wonder can i get some free organic stuff from oversea with free postage? hehehe... Dreaming? may be yes , and may be no...

Wish me luck!