Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Nanny's daughter went to Matrikulasi Malaysia.

My son's nanny daughter just received a call yesterday and she need to register herself in Matrikulasi in Melaka by today. So rush ... this is what happen in Malaysia, everything last minutes and so rush! I wonder why can't go to Ipoh Matrikulasi, and the reason they (jabatan Pendidikan) gave was the student went back every weekend! What a non-sense reason! Our country always ask us - Mesra Keluarga, but when student want to go back, they said can't, return to home too often will disturb the student study woo... (may be some other races kok! not all.) Student in matrikularsi already 18 years old, can't think by themself? they should know what is more important, and i believe the parent will know which one come first. I found that our Malaysia education system really have problem, 3M system i don't think it's success! Seem like those students under 3M were not as what should be. They can't "think", because in Malaysia everything base on your result and different races different standard! (so unfair!) em... stop talking liao, or i will kena tangkap!

LIPAS in my food!

oh, my god... my office cantin really so so so unhygienic! U know what, i "almost ATE" a LIPAS! can u imagine that, i almost finished my koew teow goreng! And i don't think so they (officer in charge) going take any action! Why? because they are relative and same color of the skin! em... i am going banned totally from our cantin liao! This not my first time jumpa LIPAS in my drink or food, they are taking no action. Remembver, when you come to office don't drink and eat in my cantin!

Friday, 25 May 2007


Wahaha... I won! Today our Kelab Sukan organise Yearly Jogathon in my working place. And i won no. 10Th! :O Surprise leh... me too... just because those good good one get pregnant this year mah, so person like me got that chance lo. LOL!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Sleep through whole night.

At last my son can sleep through whole night without night feeding liao. May be is because i gave him a bottle of milk before go to sleep?! And Mean i can have my good sleep liao... after so many year liao... 4 year + leh... my 1st child follow by my son.. Being a mommy really not so easy, that's why hubby and i not plan to have a lot of child because no privacy, just the Astro advertisement for 2nd recorder. hahaha...

Ice breaking

Went to HQ, Putrajaya yesterday for MTCP* meeting. Actually i just represent another officer who can't made it but end up ho, i been assign a NEW work! As a coordinator of Ice Breaking group because they want someone not the person in charge the MTCP, mean i am the only "outsider" between them! hai... what is ice breaking leh???

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


I really like/love my job now! LOL i like to do research. I can do any crazy thing that i want. Right now, i am in Parasitology unit. I am helpings them to developed molecular biology method on parasites. But for time been, just concentrate on Trypanosma evansi , don't worry won't infected to human "yet" (cause in Malaysia don't have the vector to transfer from animal to human.). But in direct contact with tryp (from blood to blood), sure will infected la.
Since they never try to count the tryp, so my practical student, 2 other research officer and i were try to count the tryp. But tryp is transparent in color, so we need to dye it before we count. From the journal, using 0.4 % Trypton Blue is sufficient to dye the tryp but we have try different volume, still can't dye the tryp leh. Our conclusion: trpton blue tu sudah expiet (prepare in 1999.But actually still can use one.) Need t think other stain technique.
Ok la, try Giemsa stain. Usually to see tryp need to Giemsa stain, but use to not mention in journal we just ignore it. Giemsa stain is to fix on slide and need a longer time to incubate. So we modified the method by ourself. Yap... we did it! I am so happy we done it. Em... can write a paper about it also too. hehe...

8 hour sleeping time

My son ho, really only can stand 8 hours sleeping time only. No matter what time he start to sleep, then i just need to add another 8 hours - that's the time he will wake up and ask for nen nen. So he will: "mama, nen nen. Mama, nen nen." I still didn't turn up in front of him, he will start cry la. After nen nen is his playing time again lo. So every morning, sometime will be quite rush for me. I have to make sure i wake up at 630 am then only i can be in time. But my Jing pulak, she won't wake up until she is "fully" enough sleep. Even when she is hungry, she will ask for nen nen but will go back to sleep after nen nen. Both my children have totally different character.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Monday again...

It's Monday again. I really hate Monday! Because i need to return to Ipoh again. I have to woke up at 5 am and must leaved home before 6 am or else i won't reach Ipoh before 8 am. em... need to working mah... wait la, another few more month i no need to travel like this liao. I will have my own center and only need to work few days per week and few hours per day. Wah haha...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Jing is a good girl today.

Jing seem become more understood ppl liao. Today she never cry to ask me to change the Astro channel for her again. She seem ok with me when i am watching my favorite channel. She also help me doing my house works. Helping me clean up the dining room (her and her brother toys lo.) when i said i am going to mop the floor. And also knew how to take turn on a motorcycle's race with daddy. em... Good girl today. Hope she will be that good behave from now on.

Cheating again!

hai... kena tipu again! Why...dunno leh...
I had decided to buy my digital camera throught lowyat.net. I decided to buy Pentax Optio A30 with the price only RM 520. But when I ask to be bank in to the trader she increase the price to RM 1034 with the reason sorry wrong price given by the supplier! aiyaa... mana boleh macam ni leh...
So, still with no camera with me lagi lo.

Friday, 18 May 2007

I had decided!

I had decided i want to open my own business! :) Enopi Mathematic Training Center! Just reply to them yesterday that i agree to open the center by myself. Mean that i am going to resign as a gov stuff! Waste, right? to be a gov stuff especially for a non-bumi. But what to do. As i said before, very hard to survive to in between their "group". They still look at me as a alien. I try to adapt myself into their group, follow whatever they wan me to do, but only with reasonable reason la, of cause i am not going to wear tudung (gilak!), follow they to the restaurant they choose (very particular one !), try to talk like they ( i am oledy can speak very fluent in Malay!:))... but still without tudung, i am alien! eh... should be in different title ho... LOL Anyway, i am going to have a new career, beside be a constructor of the center, i am a half (part-time) SAHM to my both kids.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

My son like to shopping!

weird leh, my son likes shopping. I just moved from Taman Canning to Taman Ipoh Timur. So every morning when i send my son to nanny house, sure will pass by Jusco and Tesco. Jusco is a huge building (to my son) and very easy to see. Usually he won't be wake up so early, he will still sleep when i put him on to the car. But today, he is awake. So when pass by Jusco, he want to go Jusco! He kept on pointing to Jusco and ask me to turn to Jusco. wah lau eh... Off cause i didn't turn to Jusco, just keep on my way to nanny house. On the way to nanny house he cranky, cry... like can't understand that i repeating told him that too early the shop still close kok! em... my son like shopping!

Digital camera

Yap, i oledy decided what to buy liao. Pentax Optio A30 with the orice RM520 only. Cheap leh. where to find? leave your commend i will tell u. LOL!


I feel so disappointed with the way some of my colleague treated me. I am so simple person only just different races don't mean we are different species! Please la! Sometime, very hard to tell one lo. Just different races (religion too) mah, you can live with your style and i have my own living style. Bertolak-ansur sikit la. The world is so small any mah.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Jing, sorry.

I really want to say sorry to my girl, Jing who is 4 years old. She attending kindergarten since last year and she is enjoying going to school. But, i am in Ipoh and she is in BM. I don't time for her, to teach her, to play with her... i am so sorry to her. Think i need to scarify my career just for my kids. Money always not enough one la, if abandon our kids just want our career, personalty i feel so sorry to them. Hubby own his business, so i need to scarify lo. Girl, wait for mommy ha, wait for another few months i will be back to you. I miss you so much every day.

My boy

My son is 19 months liao, but still refuse to "open" his mouth to talk! he only can call - mama, papa, yeh yeh, teh teh, nen nen, mam mam, ah mah, fei ji, plane, wohwoh. that's all. I always tell myself may be he don't know which language to choose. As if at home we will speak Manderin and teowchew, but in babysitter place they will speak english and Punjambee. He understand what we ask and say, just refuse to talk. May be to him, he feel not the right time yet quah? But at least he knew how to knod and shake his head to say yes and no. ok la, mean my boy still can herd what i say lo. Just slow in speaking only. ok liao la, since he is a healthy boy. I am so lucky liao. Thanks God. And i have to remember - never never try to compare him woth my elder daughter. Bacause i didn't fully taking care of him by myself. I am so sorry, boy. mommy will arrange something to fit ur time.


Rule, rule, rule,... anything and anywhere have their own rules. Leceh betul la. If didn't follow, sure kena bambu. If follow,they will say "aiye, why so particular?" so how? Follow only la, as i work in a lab, for self safety lo. :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


i been a member to MMB for few years liao. And i love it. It is a free forum which run a tai ka che. So we just called ourself MMB Breastfeeding Supporting Group. Recently, we received some commend about it! Please la, we are all adult and we should know what we do. It is a free forum, so we need to follow the rule with set by tai ka che leh. Juat ask you reduce the size and the input of picture only, did not ask to "die" leh. Apa yang nak diheboh-hebohkan? dun understand what is it in their mind? Like budak-budak only. You should understand mah, with the big, huge picture will take up a lot of space leh, and we can not talk more liao leh. to me, i prefer to talk more than see more la. hehe... woman mah, like to talk leh. hehe...

Where to go?

I work in gov place. In a very "not kind" to our Research Officer! Why? You know what - as a Research Officer in my dept, when we request to naik pangkat, wah lau .... "they" set for a lot of rulesssss......... But for "they" (same as us as a officer too, but they are different front name only!) so simple only... no need any public paper, no need to handle any project as a head, no need any MSc or PhD, just need to pass those stupid test (PTL, as you heard about it, stupid test to get promosi!) ONLY. so unfair!!! geram, geram, geram... So as my friend said (RO to.) Kita orang silap pilih - masuk Jabatan yang salah (because tak jaga kepentingan kita.) What to do and where to go? nothing we can do... just "stick" in here only , and continue to be 2nd status officer! :(

Friday, 11 May 2007

Meet wt ROS from MMB

This is suppost yesterday blog but since i am too buzy so delay till today.
Meet wt Ros from MMB yesterday. We have a quick and good lunch - McD lo. Thank Ros for treating me! LOL!
She is already 28 weeks expecting, but her "tummy" seem so small. That's why the first word i asked :" are you sure you are expecting?" LOL! And yap, it's a bb boy.
We have a great conversation. And i am so surprice that she said she haven't decided when to stop! wah... this is her 4th abby liao, and her eldest only 5 year old!
To me.... sorry Honey, 2 is gam gam liao!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Pasar Malam

Bring my Yang to Pasar malam yesterday night. First sign from my Yang - "wah!" (mean so clouded.) He like clouded, dunno why. He seem so excited to look here and there. Then he start try to talk me something with his own language and i have to guess what he said. Oh... then he start to pointing at the food store and ask me to buy. He like to eat especially food that he never ate before. hehe... Didn't spend too much time there because it's seem going to raining.It's a good experience to my boy - shua ku boy!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Action Alert: Help 'Dancing' Bears in India and Pakistan!

I just received an email about how we people torturing animal...
Please read/watch -


human ... who do you think you are! God is watching us!

Jing's birthday

My Jing oledy 4 yr old liao. woh... She is a big girl now. I still rememebr the moment i delivered her. I was so blur, and luckily i was in hospital that time, she just came out from my "tummy" right after my gynae reached. can't wait liao. hehe...
Saturday night, she was so happy. Why? because i ask my sister's children came celebrate with her. So she wasn't alone lo. My Yang just 19 mths, dunno anything pun.
You knew what... ok, i didn't buy her KFC because BM have a famous ayam goreng store taste better than KFC and the price is 70% cheaper than KFC, bough her a cake too (didn't book buy the instant one) and she choose the cheapest cake (RM16 for 1/2 kgs), order 2 pizza, home-make jelly, home-make kiwi juice, and some haven't finished CNY junkfood...wah la... it's her birthday party liao. I love my girl, she the type kalau ada, sudah. She won't said that why no KFC, no present, no new cloth, no no... She is just happy with what she have. I am so .... to her (please fill in the blank). If is my sis's children... xi liao, they will request anything. That's why i am not really very like / happy to let my children play with them.


3 yrs ago...I send my Canon camera to repair oledy 3 yrs liao, but i still hvn't got it. Call to canon they said too many camera to repair liao, so still need to wait woh.

2 2/3 yrs ago...I bought another camera plus handycam (actually is handycam la), coz you know la, chidren like to run around and very hard to take photo leh. So ask hubby to invest on a Sony DVD handycam. Oledy 2 yrs + liao, very good.

1 mth ago... wah...very qi cham going out wt handycam plus 2 kids. must planned to buy a digital camera. but oledy surf online for > 1 mth, still can't decided which to buy. woman... think 6 Mpix, wt anti-shake is ok to me liao. I no need up to 10 Mpixes camera coz i dun need aposter size photo!


I was so lazy... see i didn't blog for 2 mths liao. and there r lot lot lot lot..of things i want to say. Let me tell you each by each la.

I was so lazy when i return to BM every weekend. I supposed to been nice to my elder girl (coz i "left" her to my mom and i take care only my 2nd boy), to clean my house (cleane it every weekend only coz i am noty at home mah.), cook (but ...lazy...), be nice to hubby (coz he really work very hard to earn BIG $, so he's tired la) ... but but but... i am too too lazy, sometime i didn't finished all my suppose! then by sun night (last night b4 i return to Ipoh again) i was so regret. I am too lazy... i hv to change la...