Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My boy

My son is 19 months liao, but still refuse to "open" his mouth to talk! he only can call - mama, papa, yeh yeh, teh teh, nen nen, mam mam, ah mah, fei ji, plane, wohwoh. that's all. I always tell myself may be he don't know which language to choose. As if at home we will speak Manderin and teowchew, but in babysitter place they will speak english and Punjambee. He understand what we ask and say, just refuse to talk. May be to him, he feel not the right time yet quah? But at least he knew how to knod and shake his head to say yes and no. ok la, mean my boy still can herd what i say lo. Just slow in speaking only. ok liao la, since he is a healthy boy. I am so lucky liao. Thanks God. And i have to remember - never never try to compare him woth my elder daughter. Bacause i didn't fully taking care of him by myself. I am so sorry, boy. mommy will arrange something to fit ur time.

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Elaine said...

Hi Allisia, hop over to your blog from MMB.

Don't worry about your boy la, boyz are generally slow in speech. My boy also like that.. I think he only started to talk when almost 2 years old, now at 3 he talks non stop.