Tuesday, 15 May 2007


i been a member to MMB for few years liao. And i love it. It is a free forum which run a tai ka che. So we just called ourself MMB Breastfeeding Supporting Group. Recently, we received some commend about it! Please la, we are all adult and we should know what we do. It is a free forum, so we need to follow the rule with set by tai ka che leh. Juat ask you reduce the size and the input of picture only, did not ask to "die" leh. Apa yang nak diheboh-hebohkan? dun understand what is it in their mind? Like budak-budak only. You should understand mah, with the big, huge picture will take up a lot of space leh, and we can not talk more liao leh. to me, i prefer to talk more than see more la. hehe... woman mah, like to talk leh. hehe...

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