Thursday, 17 May 2007

My son like to shopping!

weird leh, my son likes shopping. I just moved from Taman Canning to Taman Ipoh Timur. So every morning when i send my son to nanny house, sure will pass by Jusco and Tesco. Jusco is a huge building (to my son) and very easy to see. Usually he won't be wake up so early, he will still sleep when i put him on to the car. But today, he is awake. So when pass by Jusco, he want to go Jusco! He kept on pointing to Jusco and ask me to turn to Jusco. wah lau eh... Off cause i didn't turn to Jusco, just keep on my way to nanny house. On the way to nanny house he cranky, cry... like can't understand that i repeating told him that too early the shop still close kok! em... my son like shopping!

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