Tuesday, 22 May 2007


I really like/love my job now! LOL i like to do research. I can do any crazy thing that i want. Right now, i am in Parasitology unit. I am helpings them to developed molecular biology method on parasites. But for time been, just concentrate on Trypanosma evansi , don't worry won't infected to human "yet" (cause in Malaysia don't have the vector to transfer from animal to human.). But in direct contact with tryp (from blood to blood), sure will infected la.
Since they never try to count the tryp, so my practical student, 2 other research officer and i were try to count the tryp. But tryp is transparent in color, so we need to dye it before we count. From the journal, using 0.4 % Trypton Blue is sufficient to dye the tryp but we have try different volume, still can't dye the tryp leh. Our conclusion: trpton blue tu sudah expiet (prepare in 1999.But actually still can use one.) Need t think other stain technique.
Ok la, try Giemsa stain. Usually to see tryp need to Giemsa stain, but use to not mention in journal we just ignore it. Giemsa stain is to fix on slide and need a longer time to incubate. So we modified the method by ourself. Yap... we did it! I am so happy we done it. Em... can write a paper about it also too. hehe...

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

So you are a biologist? Wow! Cool... did lots of research and experiments lorr? I was once think of becoming a nutritionist and research on food but it never happen.