Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Nanny's daughter went to Matrikulasi Malaysia.

My son's nanny daughter just received a call yesterday and she need to register herself in Matrikulasi in Melaka by today. So rush ... this is what happen in Malaysia, everything last minutes and so rush! I wonder why can't go to Ipoh Matrikulasi, and the reason they (jabatan Pendidikan) gave was the student went back every weekend! What a non-sense reason! Our country always ask us - Mesra Keluarga, but when student want to go back, they said can't, return to home too often will disturb the student study woo... (may be some other races kok! not all.) Student in matrikularsi already 18 years old, can't think by themself? they should know what is more important, and i believe the parent will know which one come first. I found that our Malaysia education system really have problem, 3M system i don't think it's success! Seem like those students under 3M were not as what should be. They can't "think", because in Malaysia everything base on your result and different races different standard! (so unfair!) em... stop talking liao, or i will kena tangkap!

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