Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Where to go?

I work in gov place. In a very "not kind" to our Research Officer! Why? You know what - as a Research Officer in my dept, when we request to naik pangkat, wah lau .... "they" set for a lot of rulesssss......... But for "they" (same as us as a officer too, but they are different front name only!) so simple only... no need any public paper, no need to handle any project as a head, no need any MSc or PhD, just need to pass those stupid test (PTL, as you heard about it, stupid test to get promosi!) ONLY. so unfair!!! geram, geram, geram... So as my friend said (RO to.) Kita orang silap pilih - masuk Jabatan yang salah (because tak jaga kepentingan kita.) What to do and where to go? nothing we can do... just "stick" in here only , and continue to be 2nd status officer! :(

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