Monday, 7 May 2007

Jing's birthday

My Jing oledy 4 yr old liao. woh... She is a big girl now. I still rememebr the moment i delivered her. I was so blur, and luckily i was in hospital that time, she just came out from my "tummy" right after my gynae reached. can't wait liao. hehe...
Saturday night, she was so happy. Why? because i ask my sister's children came celebrate with her. So she wasn't alone lo. My Yang just 19 mths, dunno anything pun.
You knew what... ok, i didn't buy her KFC because BM have a famous ayam goreng store taste better than KFC and the price is 70% cheaper than KFC, bough her a cake too (didn't book buy the instant one) and she choose the cheapest cake (RM16 for 1/2 kgs), order 2 pizza, home-make jelly, home-make kiwi juice, and some haven't finished CNY junkfood...wah la... it's her birthday party liao. I love my girl, she the type kalau ada, sudah. She won't said that why no KFC, no present, no new cloth, no no... She is just happy with what she have. I am so .... to her (please fill in the blank). If is my sis's children... xi liao, they will request anything. That's why i am not really very like / happy to let my children play with them.

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