Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Yang's Progress

I noticed that Yang learns thing very slow. Exam, when i teach him 1, 2 ,3, he can't remember it. No matter what kind of method i try. Why? dunno. He's in 5 years old kiddy class now, and he can't recognise all 26 alphabet yet.

So hubby and i start to search and read book, Internet, even refer to paed.

From the book we read, we notice that Yang had the symptom of ADD (attention deficit disorder) not hyperactive or autism. We refer to child psychologist too and he's still monitoring him.

The child psychologist teach us to play some games with him especially with gym ball so that Yang can coordinate his brain with what he do with his hand. And also massage his whole body with brush. Yang need to redo all the motor sensory skill and manage his behaviour.

I also found BOLD to help me on this. In BOLD, the volunteer help in train him in many way, playing games and etc. I can see most of it is Montenssori methods!

Yang still under monitoring, hope he is OK. I not expecting i had a genius kid but i want a normal kid that the social won't look at his as an adnormal kid, that's all.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mann's 7 months today!

She is 7 mths old now! Fast ho?

What she can do?
She can:
1) By now she is able to sit unsupported quite happily and even able to push herself up into a sitting position with her arms
2) She have started to lunge forward from a sitting position for objects that are out of her reach.
3)started to crawl (broadband too slow can't unload the video... sayang...)
4)Not long gabble and smile at anyone and everyone she met, but she's now getting a lot more picky about who she talks to and may distrust strangers. Showher stranger anxiety, especially separation anxiety, being more clingy with me and fretting or crying if i leave her.
5) Yap,eating some solids now. Start wt Holle porridge.
6) This week, she starts "cruising"-walking while holding onto furniture or other objects - Jia lat! So soon...

Cute? She has curly hair!

Still need pacifier to sleep.