Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I am online today, ONLY HA!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Sesame Street was here!!

I knew Jusco having this Sesame Street show at 3 selected outlet in whole Malaysia. One of it was in Jusco Seberang Perai which just nearby my house. But i never knew when are they coming.
Luckily last Sunday, Yang was cranky want to go shopping so the nearest shopping complex is there lah. then i found out ... THEY are here!!!

Here i showed the pictures. See my Yang sitting so "still" for that show. Before that he kept running between me and Jing. " I want to sit with mommy." and showing his pity face like mommy going to "run away" from him. Then when the show started, he was very enjoying. Jing off cause she love Elmo and Cookie Monster very very very ... much.

Hehe... this mommy also a fan of Elmo.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Time to sleep. Opp... laptop masuk kilang!

Haha... it's weekend again. It's time for me to sleep because hubby at home to take care of them.

but ho... laptop send back to Fujitsu for services.My finger Print device can't been detected. Who said Fujitsu good? Or i am really the unlucky one leh? or i should blame Vista? No quah... since no.3 can "create" without hubby and my notice pun! LOL

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Now is Snake story pulak!!!

A snake appeared at my room yesterday! Luckily Fireman caught it! Today asking worker to fix the glue through my whole room.

As i stay in quartes at my working place. I never expect that i can have this kind of "visitor"! A dark green background with light green spot snake! Fireman told me it's not a harmful snake, it's a belong to the tree. But all snake have teeth, right? I scare of Titania's.

The quartes design is like British design only the room are "jet" up 3 foots. Why? the room will be cool i think. But after the JKR renovation... em... the workmanship... you know i know lah... The wood floor not really attach to the wall, left a gap in between. That's why that snake have the chance to go into my room.

First, it's early morning. It's climb up my mosquito net. Hubby saw it too, but fireman fail to caught it. so i sumbat the gape with some newspaper before done anything. Late afternoon it came out again when i was washing my cloth. Wah... so long... 1 meter long... Now without hubby liao. I called fireman and not dare to move to anywhere, just keep trap looking where it go till the fireman arrived.

But ho... stupid fireman kept me wait for extra 5 minutes because went to wrong house! They finally caught it. Phym...

I wonder why i still can be so steady?? em... I also warn the fireman not to kill it in my house as i am pregnant.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I am back from terrible morning sickness!!

Hello, I am back!
I was away for 1 week... I have a very terrible morning sickness. I was asked to admit since I can't stop vomiting and vomiting till blood came out liao! Its dark red in colour means it’s happen before I vomited. I wonder where it’s been injured. Didn't go to emergency because Yang already slept and I am alone in Ipoh leh, who want to take care. So, decided to visit doctor tomorrow. When I visit the doctor the next morning after sending Yang to nursery, he asked me to admit because no point he gave me the medicine and the absorption of medicine through stomach much slower that inject directly into blood stream. Then, I called hubby to fetch me from Ipoh. I admit at Bukit Mertajam Hospital. Both my kids were "sending out” to other place so mommy can have "peace".
I was on drip and doctor injected "stop vomit" medicine on me. I was discharged because hospital full. Didn't go to private hospital because all the same only. Just $ is different. I am on Metoclopramide 10mg tablet each time I want to start "eating"!! Qi Cham!!! I tried not to depend on medicine too much, then end up with vomiting till blood again loh! I was really on leave without kids for one week! Miss them so so so...much, but what to do, I always feel sleep after taking that medicine.
Now I am back to work because tomorrow has another following check-up. See what the doctor will say about it.
I know, everyone keep telling me eat this la eat that, but ho... I can't. Those Assam, ginger and etc make me vomit more. No bread or biscuit too. I just can't! I have to eat rice, actually not really like it but at least this is the only type of solid food that I make vomit less. Meat, fish, veggie... sorry lah. Now drinks also very choosy - I can take oat milk and Amway Replacement Meal. Both are expensive drink but contain very high vitamin and mineral.
Em... I pray a lot hope that I recover back as soon as possible.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Detoxification during pregnancy?!

As i can't stop the vomitting, i seek everywhere and anyone to cure the vomitting! I am very very very very.... tired with the answer:" Aiya, like that one loh. Early pregnancy like that one lah. You will be better later." Be fracky, i am sick about this kind of answer! Why can't i have an enjoyable pregnancy?

Last saturday, i went to a phamasist topurchase Yang's oat milk. Imet with the phamasist. I told him my condition. As he's same as me "believe" that term of "detoxification". I told him that i done my first time detoxification and then i conceive the following month before my second time detoxification. I knew that my first time detoxification quite success as i can detox till my liver and gall-bladder. I pass out a lot of dark greenish poo poo and a lot of colorful tiny stones. Off cause not everyone understand what am i saying ha?! I stop after 3 full days of vege and fruits juice. I am not dare to continue more days because this is my first time. So i decided to redo after 2 months.

But ho... My "Chi" is "good enought" to let a "life" to "growth" in my body after first time detoxification. Then the toxic in my body still high, that's why i keep on vomitting, the first sign of body to reject all the bad things get into the body. Just like when we were vomit during food poisonning, the first sign our body reject the bad things is vomitting. Itotally can't take anything contain preservative or colouring. Now even my body shampoo have to be organic too. Or i will start vomitting again!

My friend suggest me to do another detoxification. If my baby can take it, he will stay. Hubby sure said NO. But i told him if i did do it, when the baby come out, he will suffer as all the toxic will pass to him. Then he... kept quiet. I told him i am very tired. I want to try.

I am trying "钙离子" now. As this is the simplest way to detoxify my body. But the strongest effect! So i dilute 100X! Oh... i can't take any water that's boiled before. Water must be only after filtered only! See, how choosy i am!

May be most ofyou won't understand what am i saying here. But ho,if you understand Five elements of our body, Organ activity time, and even chinese time to rest, etc. May be you will understand what i am saying.

I told my baby. " Stay with me. Mommy is doing the best for you."