Monday, 1 December 2008

Detoxification during pregnancy?!

As i can't stop the vomitting, i seek everywhere and anyone to cure the vomitting! I am very very very very.... tired with the answer:" Aiya, like that one loh. Early pregnancy like that one lah. You will be better later." Be fracky, i am sick about this kind of answer! Why can't i have an enjoyable pregnancy?

Last saturday, i went to a phamasist topurchase Yang's oat milk. Imet with the phamasist. I told him my condition. As he's same as me "believe" that term of "detoxification". I told him that i done my first time detoxification and then i conceive the following month before my second time detoxification. I knew that my first time detoxification quite success as i can detox till my liver and gall-bladder. I pass out a lot of dark greenish poo poo and a lot of colorful tiny stones. Off cause not everyone understand what am i saying ha?! I stop after 3 full days of vege and fruits juice. I am not dare to continue more days because this is my first time. So i decided to redo after 2 months.

But ho... My "Chi" is "good enought" to let a "life" to "growth" in my body after first time detoxification. Then the toxic in my body still high, that's why i keep on vomitting, the first sign of body to reject all the bad things get into the body. Just like when we were vomit during food poisonning, the first sign our body reject the bad things is vomitting. Itotally can't take anything contain preservative or colouring. Now even my body shampoo have to be organic too. Or i will start vomitting again!

My friend suggest me to do another detoxification. If my baby can take it, he will stay. Hubby sure said NO. But i told him if i did do it, when the baby come out, he will suffer as all the toxic will pass to him. Then he... kept quiet. I told him i am very tired. I want to try.

I am trying "钙离子" now. As this is the simplest way to detoxify my body. But the strongest effect! So i dilute 100X! Oh... i can't take any water that's boiled before. Water must be only after filtered only! See, how choosy i am!

May be most ofyou won't understand what am i saying here. But ho,if you understand Five elements of our body, Organ activity time, and even chinese time to rest, etc. May be you will understand what i am saying.

I told my baby. " Stay with me. Mommy is doing the best for you."


LittleLamb said...

take care lor..
Do what yr body tell u to do....


Wonderful Life said...


Careful and Take care ya.

little prince's mummy said...

Take care ya~

angeleyes said...

Wah sounded very CHEAM!
How is this detox works huh??? Maybe I should try but only vege and fruits for 3 days?? very cham leh!!!

KittyCat said...

I think you should be careful with detoxification now that you're only the 1st trimester.

Have you tried sucking on dried ginger (sold in bright yellow packs with Chinese man's face in front) and munching on cream crackers with a cup of Milo?

Eating every 1-2 hrs helped me a lot when I was pregnant and working full-time previously.

Check this out:

Take care!!!