Friday, 28 November 2008

Candida sp.

I was surfer from urinary tract infection for 3 weeks!!

First few days, still can bear the pain as i make sure i drink a lot of water. But can't cure.

Second week, went to see doctor because already urine contain blood! Doctor gave adviced took some antibiotic loh. And my urine profile showed Leucocyte count is very high. So he assume was bacteria infection. I also asked to done the urine culture to confirm the kind of infection. My mistake - i went to goverment hospital.

Third week, still the antibiotic can't cure the pain... Went to private hospital, same gave me antibiotic.

Forth week, i gave up! Drink a lot a lot a lot of water and kept changing my panty let it's cure by itself. And it does!!

Then i received a call from government hospital - my urine culture report was bad. Need to reculture again. I went loh... and i found out it's Candida sp.! Fungus infection! No wonder antibiotic can't help me lah! I need antifungus! Luckily not Candida albican.

Em... Why took them so long... actually 3 days can tell me the result! Oh... next time i do the culture myself as i have all the facility in my lab. hehe...


Anonymous said...

u really has 3rd kid? hahaha congrat to you..i still no kid for myself hahaha oh oh i still single lah : P

chia siang

Wonderful Life said...

Hope you're getting better now.