Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yang talk a lots now!

Before i send Yang to nursery,i told the nursery teacher that Yang not really can talk in full sentences yet. But now after 2 1/2 in nursery... non stop talking...

Today in nursery,
Yang still running here and there...

His teacher:" Yang, you should not run like this. You will hurt yourself if you fell down."
Yang still running....
His teacher:"Yang, come and sit beside me." (Yang only will lishen to this teacher.)
Op... Yang walk so slowly to his teacher and try to pull the chair away from his teacher.
His teacher:"No, you have to sit beside me."
No choice, he has to follow.
Yang will do anything and works if this teacher ask him to do.

So, after lunch hour.This teacher leave first and told her girls if Yang behave naughty just call her.

Then, time for another teacher D to leave. She asked Yang want to follow her to Jusco to buy thing?
You know what Yang told her!!
Yang:" I don't want. Later you will call Mrs L to report on me."
All the teacher laughed!!

Em... my Yang...