Monday, 3 November 2008

Will your father-in-law cook?

I just considered myself very lucky! I don't have Mother-In-Law and a very understanding father-in-law. Without MIL it's reduce the chances my DH sit on the wall and good FIL can help me do a lot of things include cleaning up the house.

My hubby and I were in Ipoh during Saturday because i am going to move from rented house to government house. Need to clean up and move my things. We can't return on time.

When i reached home by 730pm, my FIL already fetched Yang from my mother's place because she need to attend dinner. Then I saw both my kids were after bath and taking their dining. My FIL cook! Although it's just very simple meal, i don't mind. Both my kids very enjoyed!

Hm... I am so lucky...


little prince's mummy said...

My FIL cook? Never ever...
I think tat's mission impossible.. haha!

U're so lucky to hv good in-laws

Moo mommy said...

Hubby said because of my daughter woh... He loves my daughter a lot lot lot!!!

LittleLamb said...

Must be thankful to yr FIL :)

I dont have such privilege

KittyCat said...

Lucky you! My FIL will cry if my MIL is not around because she does A-Z of the housework :)

He can only help to wash the car and drains LOL

Wishing you best of luck for a transfer!!!

Jesslyn said... FIL can cook too...fried egg or maggi mee...LOL