Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just a short note

By Lilian - the 5X mom:

To those whom have contributed to the meals for the homeless, there is an article in The Star Metro North about the food distribution.

I have also counted the dollars and cents and come up with a rounded figure. I have RM508 balance in my hands. I do not know what I will use YOUR money for yet. There are many ways I can make sure the money goes where they are intended and that includes buying necessities and handed out to the folks who need them. My coursemates and I are thinking of making more documentaries (with the proper permissions, of course) to highlight the plight of these people so that more people can come forward and donate to their choice of charitable organisations which will benefit the poor. So, let me sit on these ideas first.

Jimmy made a short clip about our homeless video. You gotta watch it. At one point, I whacked Jimmy and told him I don’t know to laugh or cry. I find it so funny and yet, so touching that Jimmy put that much emphasis on LGE. I hope Jimmy managed to get the clip to the CM and let him see. We wanted to hijack the projector and show this clip yesterday but we were afraid of getting banned like NST reporters. LOL. So, brother, you are their only hope.

Yang vomited! But Jing is fine.

Aiyo... Mummy so tired but this lit' monster vomited on my bed last night!

He didn't have any appetite in these few days. He ate a bit only and refuse to drink water only wants something have taste.

Yesterday went to babysitter house, he ate a lot! Lit' stomach can't cope for it, so vomit la. But surprisingly he slept very very well last night.

This morning, when i was busy washing the bed sheet cover and blanket. i heard his sound...

"Mummy, Yang Yang still feeling not well. I don't want to go to school today. I want to go to aunty's house."


"I am very tired. My head pain (headache)and my legs too. I can't walk."

"...... OK."

Since he seem OK, but still have to monitor one more day.

I wonder why he complaint his legs pain? But wonder he was real pain or he creating it? Or may be because he didn't gained enough energy this few days? DH said must refer to doctor if he kept complaint leg pain. May be due to acid uric? Yang loves Broccoli and Dal curry.

Em... Jing was so tough. She can wake up at 630am last weekend following DH to "cheng beng". On Monday, still the same schedule - need to go to kindergarten as usual, AND without any complaint on here or there pain.

Why my Yang so weak? Babysitter said due to i am pregnant with daughter so the son will always fall sick. May be, i think.

Friday, 27 March 2009


Both my kids allergic to something. Jing allergic to certain foods and Yang allergic to detergent! This is the main reason i insisted want to breastfeeding, because i am allergic to detergent too. But ho... still they are allergic to it, but mild compare to me.

I thought Yang is going to 4, so decided to change his bath shampoo. Just to a usual children bath shampoo brand. About RM15 per less than 1 liter.

See, this is what happen after 2 weeks testing. On both his elbow and palm.

Poor Yang, and BAD mummy...

Update of me

For got to add, My Mann's is estimated 700g now.

I am OK now. This 2 days what i do at home? Eat and sleep! Oh... and online for a while. I didn't think of my works. RELAX!!!

The contraction seem lesser, < 5 times in a day and each time only 5 - 10 minutes.

May be due to the medicine or because i really rest a lot? Hope everything back to normal after this week.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I was Admitted!

I was admitted on Monday! My tummy was so "hard" from 11 am till 430pm and Mann's kicked so softly, so rushed to hospital. By myself. My gynae not around so decided to go to government hospital, since only my gynae and GH had my pregnancy records.

I was so lucky, no need to wait so long because the 2 patients before me have been waited for >2 hrs. Ipoh labor room was so busy on that day!

Then training doctor asked a lot of questions, took my blood samples, urine sample and vagina swabs. Then need to wait for the gynae for the ultrasound scan. BY 6 pm, my tummy still so hard! The ultrasound scan showed my baby is ok, moving and heart beat so strong. Gynae said may be due to my vagina discharged cause the contraction. She wanted me to admit and wait for the swab and urine results. BY 7pm, all done and I have to wait for hubby for admit registration.

Hubby was in KL, poor him need to rush to Ipoh because I had no other relative in Ipoh. When he reached its 10pm! Mean I sat at Dewan Bersalin from 7 to 10pm. Still haven't taken my dinner! Asked for permission to go to the attached store to buy myself a box of Milo, 2 Gardenia bread, a mineral water and a big box of soy bean. I was damn hungry, finished the Milo and 2 breads in 5 minutes!

When hubby registered me to the wad, he need to go back to my Ipoh house to get the change and needed things. Then off cause he went around the Ipoh to get me the food that I ordered. Sorry, if not I will vomit what I don't like.

I wander why this time the Braxton Hicks contraction so different? The next morning, when another specialist (I think he is the head gynae.) came and check on me, I ask him is it too soon to have Braxton Hicks? He said yes, because I am just 25 weeks pregnant and it’s started 1 ½ months ago. But if the contraction didn't follow by pain, like labor pain, it's normal. But since my contraction didn't stop for more than 6h ours, I should refer to hospital. According to the urine and vagina reports, urine was clean and normal. But vagina swab infection was 1+, it's should be normal range but due to I am pregnant may be my worm is too sensitive to the infection and trigger the non-stop contraction. I had a Candida infection during my early pregnancy. The gyane decided not giving me any antibiotic just anti-fungi insert pill. I need to return on 6 April to see how's my progress, if still the contraction continually, he will want me to admit again to find another possibility reason, because I don't have labor pain contraction, just the non-stop contraction. I asked whether because I walk too much? He said no related. I was given one week MC. Now I return to BM, at least my hubby no need to rush between BM and Ipoh. My family is here too, they can help. My false contraction still on and off, but less than 15 minutes, it’s normal.

I am also so happy, my colleagues visiting on the next day. My room was so full with them. They even scolded me why I came to hospital by myself but didn’t call for help. I said I still can manage myself. They said this is what friend is that help each other when alone in strange place. Thanks, my friends. I am so touched, especially to Prem, Nurul and Zawida! They called me to ask me what I need also, I asked for another lunch. LOL… The quantities of hospital lunch not enough! They also bring me tea break foods. BTW, thanks to my unit stuffs too, they said after i return to work i am not allow to walk just ask them to do all the works that i want to do.

Another person I want to thank is my hubby. Poor him need to rush here and there. On Monday, he forgot his dinner till after settle me into wad. It’s after 12 am! His colleague said he really rushed to Ipoh, took only 2 hours to drive from Cyber Jaya to Ipoh! I love you, darling!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Lee Mann's Progress

Seem like i didn't update about my 3rd coming baby quite sometime.

She is now 25 weeks old. Expecting come to this world at 2 July. Way to go. Mommy still can wear the nice and beautiful preggy cloths. hehe...

She kicked me a lot now. Calling mummy 1, mummy 2, mummy 3, mummy ... none stopped kicking when she "feel" she is hungry and in uncomfortable position. I wonder why my 2 girls kicked harder than boy?

She will wake up when daddy calling. In anytime! But no response when Jing and Yang called. May be this will another daddy's girl again, i think.

Gynae scanned early this month, and told me that she is developed well. He scanned her internal organ, count the leg and arm length, the head diameter... Just mummy tummy a bit low and still the tummy will harden for more 1/2 hr each day - early contraction is bad.

My appetite is getting better now. At least i have more food to choose, but still love the organic foods! I still have to make sure whatever i intake is less or free of preservative,coloring, fragrant, synthetic compound, etc..

I had plan want to take a 3D picture if Lee Mann this coming check up. My gynae charge RM50 each photo only. Hope that Mann cooperate!!

Friday, 20 March 2009


Ah... it seem like my contraction start too soon leh...

In this 1 1/2 months, my tummy always "harden"! Not a good sign. Taking medicine liao, but seem like only can less <50%.

What should i do? I already cut down my the frequent to walk here and there. Think i should take a bed rest?

Pray for me, ok?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Yang again... Woke Up!

Seem like this few days "learn" how to get cranky and refuse to wake up from the bed. He want me to start talk with soft voice till load voice! Then he started to cry. %$#&@... Then i to "drag" him to brush his teeth and bath. He turn to smiling face after the bath. May be because of the cool water, i think.

Yesterday still the same thing happen. He cried till after bath. Then because of his long pants zip can't function so i changed to short pants. AH... he started to cry again! &^%$#@*... Then i started nagging to him and so beat him on his buttock lah. Cried for nothing!

I can nag from home to his nursery. He just kept on cried and cried. Actually we planned to go to restaurant for his favorite half boil egg and milo ice (not at home, although same menu.). But i told him if he still "act" like this every morning, i am not bring him to any restaurant, breakfast only at home. When i stop nagging, he stop cried. He went to nursery with very very sour face. His teacher also surprised to see him because Yang never showed sour face like this.

I think he really understand what i "nag"! Last night before go to bed (my private time with my boy.) i asked him,

"Yang, can you cried like this morning? cried for nothing only."
"Nope. (shake his head.) I naughty ah?"
"Then, do you want to repeat like this everyday?"
"Nope. Mummy get angry then." ... "If tomorrow Yang behave good, can i go to kopitiam?" (Look at me with his lovely smile. Oh...melt my heart.)
"Can. If you really behave well and wake up once i called you."
"Ok! Yeh...."

This morning,

"Yang, wake up. (in soft voice)"
"Em... (with his eyes closed.)"
"Do you want to go to kopitiam? or you want to your nen nen?"
"Em... I want nen nen. Not going kopitiam. I want to sleep for a while."
"OK then, i made nen nen for you only ha. Not going kopitiam ha."
"Hmm...(he felt to sleep again. Usually another 15 minutes before i called him again.)

Important thing: He didn't cried today.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tired.... AND Yang Progress....

Just can't stop myself to close my eyes... I am so so so tired... But ho, i slept at 1030pm and woke up at 7am, still not enought.

Ok, tonight going to cook energy soup(精力汤). It's chinese herbs, save to pregnancy woman. I think i should increase my protein intake liao, to gain more energy. Or i should reduce my works?? LOL

Yang still so active loh. No eye see! Just make sure he didn't hurt himself and burn the house enought.

Now, every night i read him a / several book(s), depend on his mood. Start to write? No way, he refused. He, luckily not refuse to color because this mommy like him to do matching game. All took about 1/2 to 1 hour. Then he will be in his own time and mummy too. He will draw, coloring, playing puzzle, Mr Potato, reading... Mummy continue her works, again...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Handy Mandy

AS u all know, boy loves "fixing" things. Yang also the same. I never buy toy with a lot of screws "showed out". Or after 1 hour he will try to open the toy with screw driver! :(

See, i am so lucky. Found this Fisher-Price Tool Kit through Internet. hehe... still brand new in the box. Only RM40. Toys R US selling RM95+. Who untung - Yang Yang lah...

Friday, 6 March 2009


I been pass by this Josephine Bar and Bistro every weekday. And did read from mylovelymummy blog, she also said not bad. Actually ho... i am not dare to try unless someone recommended. Still in Ipoh already 4 years, can't find any western restaurant that "gam" to my taste. hehe...

So, beh tahan liao, went there last night for my dinner. Alone.

Unfortunately, they don't have any Italian style soup. :(

I ordered for myself a banana milk shake. As i love milk shake and hak.. they have banana taste one. Taste really "banana"! LOL

I ordered a josephine fruit bowl. It's a mix fruits topping with fresh yogurt. The yogurt taste good, just i don't like green apple.

Main dish
I having spaghettini aglio olio. Spaghetti cook with wild mushroom and extra virgil olive oil. I love the taste. Especially the mix herbs and spice make the dish more aroma.

Ok...that's all. I am full liao just gam gam. i think i will bring my kid next time. Sure both of them will love the spaghetti very much.

The price... a bit expensive loh...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

TIME LIFE and Grolier

I bouth TIME LIFE Book series for my kids years ago. But Jing not interesting at all! :( (Hubby and i heart feel so "pain", spent $$$ but she not interest with it!)
But Yang started to show his interest liao! :D

Now i started to play the VCD and CD for him everyday. Instist of i made the 1 - 10 number and A to Z flash cards to him. Same as montessorimum, "suffering" teaching our son!! I used to read the books for Yang every night - bed time story using TIME LIFE or Grolier book.

Both montessorimum and i wonder why our son just can not pay attention on study leh?! May be boy different?? slow??

Hubby and i spend $$$$ on these TIME LIFE and Grolier book series. Hope that my kids really "learn" something from there. Off cause, parent need to join together lah!

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack??

I like this breast pump because i need to go out station quite often. Channel told me that Spectra 3 not bad but only thing is Spectra don't have battery option.
In Malaysia,i found that the cheapest price i can get is RM1519.20. Singapore, S$659.00 and USA,USD$200. The different is USA using 115V. Malaysia and Singapore are direct import from Switzerland.
So... which one to choose ha?