Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Yang vomited! But Jing is fine.

Aiyo... Mummy so tired but this lit' monster vomited on my bed last night!

He didn't have any appetite in these few days. He ate a bit only and refuse to drink water only wants something have taste.

Yesterday went to babysitter house, he ate a lot! Lit' stomach can't cope for it, so vomit la. But surprisingly he slept very very well last night.

This morning, when i was busy washing the bed sheet cover and blanket. i heard his sound...

"Mummy, Yang Yang still feeling not well. I don't want to go to school today. I want to go to aunty's house."


"I am very tired. My head pain (headache)and my legs too. I can't walk."

"...... OK."

Since he seem OK, but still have to monitor one more day.

I wonder why he complaint his legs pain? But wonder he was real pain or he creating it? Or may be because he didn't gained enough energy this few days? DH said must refer to doctor if he kept complaint leg pain. May be due to acid uric? Yang loves Broccoli and Dal curry.

Em... Jing was so tough. She can wake up at 630am last weekend following DH to "cheng beng". On Monday, still the same schedule - need to go to kindergarten as usual, AND without any complaint on here or there pain.

Why my Yang so weak? Babysitter said due to i am pregnant with daughter so the son will always fall sick. May be, i think.


little prince's mummy said...

pregnant with daughter so the son will always fall sick, got such thingy 1? never heard..

Hope Yang no more pain pain soon..

Angeleyes said...

aiyo... hope Yang is better now.

Btw, did you receive my email or not ah???? :P

Moo mommy said...

Little prince's mummy,

Punjab ppl believed that. Babysitter is a Punjub.


Received. will let u know later.