Thursday, 12 March 2009

Yang again... Woke Up!

Seem like this few days "learn" how to get cranky and refuse to wake up from the bed. He want me to start talk with soft voice till load voice! Then he started to cry. %$#&@... Then i to "drag" him to brush his teeth and bath. He turn to smiling face after the bath. May be because of the cool water, i think.

Yesterday still the same thing happen. He cried till after bath. Then because of his long pants zip can't function so i changed to short pants. AH... he started to cry again! &^%$#@*... Then i started nagging to him and so beat him on his buttock lah. Cried for nothing!

I can nag from home to his nursery. He just kept on cried and cried. Actually we planned to go to restaurant for his favorite half boil egg and milo ice (not at home, although same menu.). But i told him if he still "act" like this every morning, i am not bring him to any restaurant, breakfast only at home. When i stop nagging, he stop cried. He went to nursery with very very sour face. His teacher also surprised to see him because Yang never showed sour face like this.

I think he really understand what i "nag"! Last night before go to bed (my private time with my boy.) i asked him,

"Yang, can you cried like this morning? cried for nothing only."
"Nope. (shake his head.) I naughty ah?"
"Then, do you want to repeat like this everyday?"
"Nope. Mummy get angry then." ... "If tomorrow Yang behave good, can i go to kopitiam?" (Look at me with his lovely smile. Oh...melt my heart.)
"Can. If you really behave well and wake up once i called you."
"Ok! Yeh...."

This morning,

"Yang, wake up. (in soft voice)"
"Em... (with his eyes closed.)"
"Do you want to go to kopitiam? or you want to your nen nen?"
"Em... I want nen nen. Not going kopitiam. I want to sleep for a while."
"OK then, i made nen nen for you only ha. Not going kopitiam ha."
"Hmm...(he felt to sleep again. Usually another 15 minutes before i called him again.)

Important thing: He didn't cried today.


little prince's mummy said...

Guess your private time and talk with Yang really works!~

angeleyes said...

Why he started the crying thing??? Maja issit coz he knows he will soon have a baby sister?