Wednesday, 4 March 2009

TIME LIFE and Grolier

I bouth TIME LIFE Book series for my kids years ago. But Jing not interesting at all! :( (Hubby and i heart feel so "pain", spent $$$ but she not interest with it!)
But Yang started to show his interest liao! :D

Now i started to play the VCD and CD for him everyday. Instist of i made the 1 - 10 number and A to Z flash cards to him. Same as montessorimum, "suffering" teaching our son!! I used to read the books for Yang every night - bed time story using TIME LIFE or Grolier book.

Both montessorimum and i wonder why our son just can not pay attention on study leh?! May be boy different?? slow??

Hubby and i spend $$$$ on these TIME LIFE and Grolier book series. Hope that my kids really "learn" something from there. Off cause, parent need to join together lah!


angeleyes said...

My dad bought for us too when we were young but we also hardly read... only when it was new we flip a bit... hehhehee

Maybe you should get him his fav characters DVD/VCD where they have educational value one... Darrius learns a lot from the Sesame Street series that i bought. Now he is into Little Einstein.

little prince's mummy said...

It's good that Yang start showing interest in the books!~ Ganbatte and keep it up!~

Moo mommy said...


I am very disagree wt watching TV one lah. Kid who love TV will show the "bad side effect" one leh. Max TV time for Yang perday still 1/2 hour. Jing also the same. But weekend increase a bit loh.Still this mommy will "filter" the program first. hehe...

Little prince's mummy,
don't know can stay how long?haha...

KittyCat said...

Ooh, I love the Grolier series. The Grolier sales team also asked me to beccome their agent :)

How much did you pay for them? Did you get the nice, wooden bookcase?

Hubby wants to get the set for Lucas when we go back to Malaysia.

I think you're really committed to help your kids love reading.

I'm trying to cut down Lucas' TV time too - only before and after school.