Monday, 23 March 2009

Lee Mann's Progress

Seem like i didn't update about my 3rd coming baby quite sometime.

She is now 25 weeks old. Expecting come to this world at 2 July. Way to go. Mommy still can wear the nice and beautiful preggy cloths. hehe...

She kicked me a lot now. Calling mummy 1, mummy 2, mummy 3, mummy ... none stopped kicking when she "feel" she is hungry and in uncomfortable position. I wonder why my 2 girls kicked harder than boy?

She will wake up when daddy calling. In anytime! But no response when Jing and Yang called. May be this will another daddy's girl again, i think.

Gynae scanned early this month, and told me that she is developed well. He scanned her internal organ, count the leg and arm length, the head diameter... Just mummy tummy a bit low and still the tummy will harden for more 1/2 hr each day - early contraction is bad.

My appetite is getting better now. At least i have more food to choose, but still love the organic foods! I still have to make sure whatever i intake is less or free of preservative,coloring, fragrant, synthetic compound, etc..

I had plan want to take a 3D picture if Lee Mann this coming check up. My gynae charge RM50 each photo only. Hope that Mann cooperate!!


LittleLamb said...

her name will be Lee Mann?

zara's mama said...

Wow.. how come you need to be on special diet of organic food?

Hope the early contraction will stop. Take care ya.

Moo mommy said...


Yap, decided when hubby and i knew is "she".

Zara's mama,

Only these special diet i won't non-stop vomit. Why? Don't know. May be because iconceived this baby after my first detoxification program. She want a very clean body to let her growth. :)

Wonderful Life said...

Hope everything's fine...

Take care ya.

little prince's mummy said...

Glad to know everything is great!~