Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Backpack??

I like this breast pump because i need to go out station quite often. Channel told me that Spectra 3 not bad but only thing is Spectra don't have battery option.
In Malaysia,i found that the cheapest price i can get is RM1519.20. Singapore, S$659.00 and USA,USD$200. The different is USA using 115V. Malaysia and Singapore are direct import from Switzerland.
So... which one to choose ha?


allthingspurple said...

Madela !!Madela !! definitely Madela.haha. I swore by it. I used to get only 4 oz with others, with madela, it spurts out 12 oz. very good . get the heavy duty dual pump backpack type ok

Moo mommy said...

thanks, allthingspurple. I still remember helping u sending the pump to Shina. Asked her liao,she sold oledy.

chanelwong said...

I love that also but it was too pricey...out of my budget

Then i got myself Ameda pump the full set exactly like Medela PIS with extra car adapter which was cheaper than Medela PIS including delivery from UK.

Ameda in MY and SG is just the pump without the whole set of backpack.

I can give you the site to order from UK if you interested. I got mine early last year pump, backpack, coolant bag+icepack, car adapter, 6 bottles, plus another about 10-12 bottles, manual conversion parts etc..

Ameda pump can use with power, battery, car adapter and also manual (with manual conversion).

have been using the pump almost 7 months and very happy with it...

平凡的爱丽丝 said...

have you buy your breastpump? please visit my Hope it can help.

Ameda and Medela PIS both are good.