Friday, 6 March 2009


I been pass by this Josephine Bar and Bistro every weekday. And did read from mylovelymummy blog, she also said not bad. Actually ho... i am not dare to try unless someone recommended. Still in Ipoh already 4 years, can't find any western restaurant that "gam" to my taste. hehe...

So, beh tahan liao, went there last night for my dinner. Alone.

Unfortunately, they don't have any Italian style soup. :(

I ordered for myself a banana milk shake. As i love milk shake and hak.. they have banana taste one. Taste really "banana"! LOL

I ordered a josephine fruit bowl. It's a mix fruits topping with fresh yogurt. The yogurt taste good, just i don't like green apple.

Main dish
I having spaghettini aglio olio. Spaghetti cook with wild mushroom and extra virgil olive oil. I love the taste. Especially the mix herbs and spice make the dish more aroma.

Ok...that's all. I am full liao just gam gam. i think i will bring my kid next time. Sure both of them will love the spaghetti very much.

The price... a bit expensive loh...

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LittleLamb said...

the spageti look so tempting