Thursday, 30 July 2009

See, she refuse it!

As i am in the hospital to repair my episiotomy (actually not episiotomy but tearing!), so not bring Mann together. My confinement lady,my mum and father -in-law will take care of her.

Icprepared 5 X 2 1/2 oz bags of breast milk, Adiri bottle and event pacifier and formula milk. Just in case mah!

So when i return (i was away from 7 am to 5 pm),she's drinking off 3 X 2 1/2 oz bags breastmilk, MUST suck pacifier then only can sleep (my mum said between that timejust slept <4hrs.) , formula milk not used (who want? Snow 0-12 mths formula), only drink the breastmilk from bottle when really hungry...

Pity my Mann! She MISS my McB! and Just now when latch on McB, she's SMILE! Hubby also beh tahan! LOL

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mann - 27 days old

Oh huh... Mann is 27 days old now.


1) Asking for McB almost every 2 hours. Mummy tired loh!
2) Will shout when mummy a bit late to carry her when she is asking for McB.
3) Response to mummy or anyone who talking with her with the sound "oo oo.. eeg eeg.." She LOVE it.
4) Didn't poo poo for 1 1/2days and today can poo poo very "thick" poo poo 3 times in 5 hours. Must use brush to remove the poo poo.
5) Asking anyone to carry when she is awake. When you put her back to bauncer she will started cry.
6) STILL jaundice loh. Hope that tomorrow can decrease to below 200.
7) Asking to bath 2 times per day if not will start making noise.
8) Night time SURE will asking mummy to carry her till she is deep sleep before put her into baby cot.
9) Jie Jie and Kor Kor "still" love to play and talk with her, and she's response.
10) Ah Ma (my mum) asked tokong and said that Mann don't like other "seeing" her, so i wonder can i still put her photo online ah?

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Oh, my God - Restitch!

As previous My nightmare during delivered u will know how bad my stitches is!

I met the Ketua Jabatan O & G, Hospital Pulau Pinang yesterday. Seem like my "command" worked! He checked on me and agree to redo the stitches on my tearing area because the stitches done before really $#@&*%... Not done properly and since i am still on leave, decided to done it as soon as possible. And i told him, NO Local Bius! I can't stand the pain!

The minor surgery will be done on next Thursday. Wish me luck!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Jing and Yang update

Jing - 6 years 2 mths

- is big Jie Jie to Yang and Mann
- More problems to mummy
- Don't like Yang coz always complaint Yang disturb her a lot. Actually not,just Yang really like to FOLLOW what Jing do!
- Doing very good in her study. Will automatically do her homeworks if have after dinner.
- Loves to read, paint, attend her music class, attend Enopimath class.
- Not really love vege anymore. Why? Ah mah and Yeh Yeh said eat vege not nutrient woh,must eat more meat and fish...
- Loves Mann because Mann is a gal not a boy. She claim that boy more naughty!

Yang - 3 years 9 mths

- Still so active! Mummy so tired
- Still refuse to study/learn, but now at least willing to hold the pencil to write if in good mood.
- Love to FOLLOW jie jie, whatever jie jie dod he also want to FOLLOW.
- LOVEs vege, because mummy waqshed his brain if didn'ttake vege can't poo poo.
- Loves Mann as she is a baby!?
- Love to cry also. Anything unhappy will cry only!

Their reaction when first saw Mann

Jing - oh... baby. So cute! Look like me? have big eyes like me? etc... all kind of questions!

Yang - Baby... I am kor kor. (Turn to mummy) This baby came from ur tummy? why only one? inside (point to mummy tummy) still have another one ah? Baby have "luili" (punjab - penis)?

Jing was so happy when i told Mann is a girl but Yang a bit dissapointed. He always expect a baby boy and asked me to get him another baby boy.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mann's 12 day update!

Mann is 12 days old now.

She knew...

- SMILE! But mummy not manage to take her photo yet.
- CALLING FOR MILK! By crying in loud sound.
- REFUSED TO SLEEP! Why? because she want to poo poo.
- SUDDENLY CRY VERY LOUD SOUND! When kor kor disturbing her.
- Will QUIET when anyone carry her. She enjoyed been carry by someone.


- Poo at anytime she wants, even at 1 am, 3 am and 530am!
- Want to suck mummy "pacifier" then only can sleep! Aiya... bad habit!
- Allergic to wipe and nappy rash cream. So mummy using cotton ball with water and lotion only.
- Allergic to those adult didn't wipe their face and kissed her. Wah... mummy so sakit hati when patches of rashes at her chic.
- STILL JAUNDICE! 264.5 umol/L of bilirubin level. Em... Thursday sure will ask to redo all the blood tests and urine tests. Pity Mann!

Did u notice that she is still look "yellow"?

Friday, 10 July 2009

Mann's jaundice and my eSpring

1)Mann's Jaundice
Haiya... Mann's jaundice was in increasing trend. Today is 283.9 umol/L. Tomorrowif increase to 300 then will admit. :(


Hak, finally i got my dream water treatment - eSpring! Hubby managed to put it on Saturday, the day after i get back from hospital. Nice leh?!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Haiya... jaundice

Again, this one also seem so "yellow"! Mummy need to bring Mann go to nearby Klinik Kesihatan almost everyday.

Day-4 - Total bilirubin : 249.6 umol(from vein)
Day-5 - Total bilirubin : 253.2 umol(from vein)
Day-7 - Total bilirubin : 267.5 umol(from feet)

So, need to repeat again tomorrow. If the trend still going up, don't know what they are going to do to Mann? I think will redo all the neccessary tests again including Liver Test Function. After that,only can confirm whether is it Pro-Long jaundice due to breastfeeding.

Em... Pity my baby.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lee Mann at day-6 and my night mare during delivered

Hello, sorry for late update. Celcom Broadband benggung around my area!

Ok, she is now 6-day old. A very good "sucker" - refer to drinking mummy breast milk lah! She can find her "teat" by herself, drink until she is full.

First day, discharged from hosp after 12 hrs because both mummy and baby doing well. (Actually I am not doing well- refer below.) Then she didn't sleep whole first night at home. Mummy like zombie...She refuses this that... and want only "pacifier" that hang in front of mummy. Can't leave her anywhere or anyone. I felt like dying! I delivered her middle of the night, till the next day didn't get good slept leh! It’s over 36 hrs!!

Second day, after bath, still the same, cried, cried, cried... Since the weather was so hot, FIL decided not to tire her hand, leave both hand out. SHE SLEPT WITHOUT MAKING ANY NOISE! Em... At night, slept tight IF slept beside mummy not in the baby cot!

Third day, hak, she look "yellow" - jaundice liao! Aiya... kena cucuk kaki lagi or admitted under UV light. Same, WANT to sleep beside mummy. Refuse baby cot!

Forth day, busy day. Early morning, Zombie mummy need to prepare herself and baby to go to nearby Klinik Kesihatan because Baby Mann looks really very "yellow". So, her bilirubin level was 252.5mmol. Need to refer to nearby hospital. So, daddy and mummy need to rush to hospital, redo the SBC again and the level is 267. Then asked to admit. When reached wad pead, blood was drown from vein to recheck again. But pead said the reading should be lower. She asked us to go home and wait, results take time. At 330pm,they call and Mann bilirubin level was 249mmol. No need to admit. Just need to repeat at the next day. She and I were too tired. Both of us slept quite long time. hehe...

Fifth day, again return to hospital. Mann bilirubin level is 259. But still not at the dangerous level. Bottom line for day-6baby is 342. So just need to repeat after 2-day. Phew... no need to admit. One more thing, Mann didn't poopoo for 2 day liao. Nurse teaches me how to stimulate for her to poo poo. Immediately, Mann's poo! on that day in 6 hrs, she's poo 4 times with very big potion! Yak...

Sixth day, today, mommy's milk already comes for 2 days liao, Mann is latching well. I didn't feel any very pain engorgement. I managed to pump out few oz and let Yang drink it. Hehe... just mix into his oat milk, he will drink one. Still yellowish in color, full with antibodies!!

So far, I still can manage to handle her. Jing and Yang not at home, they are with my mum. Jing caught flu so I decided put them with my mum. I miss them very much! Oh... They saw their little sister through photo only. Pity ha!


Ok, Now I will talk about my bad experience in Penang Maternity Hospital! My first delivered in private hosp not a good experience, second delivered in GH, better than private hospital, so this time off cause go to GH lah.

I admitted at 1 July night, due to spotted since morning but very mild contraction only. 2 July stay in GH, so boring! Contraction so irregular, sometime 10 minutes sometime 1/2 hrs... Doctor decided to discharge me if 3 July stills the same. Not ready to deliver yet. 1st class still full has to stay in 3rd class wad. Hot hot hot... I kept bath bath bath...

on 3 July, early morning (middle of the night), "pop" what a loud sound! and I feel wet! Op... water bag burst liao. I was push into labor room at 115am, because was 4 cm dilated. Knew what? they gave me a NSM ( Stuff nurse under training).

I told the NSM that I would like to have a “sit up” position but not “lay down” position. As I had a 2nd degrees tear during deliver my 1st baby at private hospital (this is why I choose government hospital but not private hospital because I believed that stuff nurse had more experiences that private hospital’s gynae – theoretical!?). After that, Dr Liew checked on me and confirmed (or teaches) NSM how to make sure the water bag was burst. Dr Liew asked her to him when it’s 6 – 7 cm. Then he walks away. NSM asked me to scream for the nurse if I am ready to deliver.

I counted the interval and the time of each contraction until it’s contracted every 1 minute and I can feel that my baby is ready to come out (ready to push). I called for the help. SN Merigani was the first person came in. I wonder how she can walk like this, so slow and no energy! I told her that I am ready to push already. Then NSM rushed in and stand beside me. SN Merigani done nothing on me and just asked me pushes. She was in “tak ada ape ape mood”! NSM wants to put me at “sit up” position was asked “NO NEED” to do so by SN Merigani. SN Merigani just stands in front of me and shout:“Mana student? Mana student?” I ready can’t stay the pain, and she told me to push. I attend the ante-natal class before, I knew how to push. Hold my leg and push with mouth close and head down. But as I said this is not my “right” position as I will leave my buttock up and cause the tearing. Another Chinese nurse was there too, she tried to ask me to put my buttock down and help me to put my buttock down. At last, I delivered my baby at 2.13am. Then SN Merigani pulls out my placenta and asks NSM to measure it. Then SN Merigani just walked away like that. She not even checked whether I had any wound and is my uterus “clean” enough?! (I still remember my previous delivery the gynae and nurse will press on my uterus to clean) NSM checked on me and told me that I had tear so I need to stitches. She said she will ask SN Merigani to stitch for me. I never knew that the tear is until my anus! I can count how many stitches done on me. When SN Merigani tried to stitch my outside skin I feel very pain, NSM told me that due to its outside skin that’s why I feel pain. Just 4 times SN Merigani stitched on my outside skin! And I knew that “Oh! Shit! Not stitch 3 layers must be very “chin chai” stitches.” NSM looked very ignorance, as she was still in the practical for kursus kebidanan, she can’t said anything, just told me that it’s a small tear only! Still I don’t have mirror I don’t know how badly my tearing and stitches! It was state at my record book as a minor tearing only! As by 03 July 2009 morning, doctor in-charge or the nurses on duty not even checked on me how “bad” my wound is because everything depend on record book only. Doctor did say I can discharge because I already urine and fake and need to wait until my baby urine and pass motion too.

At 2pm, I asked to go home because my baby already urine and pass motion. I asked the nurse on duty can I asked to be checked on my wound before I go home, and the nurse refer to the record book and told me I only had minor tearing only, don’t worry. When I return home, the first thing I done was to check my wound – its TEAR UNTUIL MY ANUS! AND U ALL CAN TELL ME IT’S JUST MINOR TEAR!!! JUST GIVING ME 2 STITCHES FOR THAT WOUND!!! I checked at my TRUSTED Clinic Doctor and he also told me the same thing – THAT SN MERIGANI DONE A VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE AND ROUGH STITCH TO ME. I WILL FACE THE BOWEL AND CONTRACTION PROBLEM AFTER RECOVER. I AM EVEN GIVEN ANY ANTIBIOTIC TOO AND IT’S INFECTION! NOW, I CAN’T EVEN USING ANY “ENERGY” TO PASS MOTION, THE SOFTEN BOWEL MEDICINE ALSO GIVEN BY PRIVATE CLINIC DOCTOR. IF NOT, I CAN’T PASS MOTION! AFTER RECOVER, I KNEW I AM GOING FACING BOWEL PROBLEM, I NEED ANOTHER SURGERY TO “STITCH” BACK MY MUSCLE OR I CAN’T BOWEL AS NORMAL!

I wonder how a Senior Stuff Nurse can do like this to me! That night not busy. I still heard the nurses’ chit chatting at the counter. I stay in the room till 430am then only they send me to my bed, since 1st class still unavailable I stay in 3rd class. I won’t mind for that. A senior stuff nurse, she suppose to teach the NSM how to done a proper job in the labor room. Is that the way what SN Merigani teaching? I feel shame as government stuff! As a lot of people giving very bad impression to government hospital, this is what and how the government stuff making the situation so bad! Be professional ok?

one more thing, I am not allowing to breastfeed my baby at the golden 1/2 hours. Mann success to latch on me after 1hrs 15 minutes!!

I already complaint until JKN Penang. I wonder what kind of action they going to take!

P/S: Received reply email from Pengarah JKN Penang, Dr. Teh. She will investigate.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Her name - finalized!

Finalized - She will name as Mane.

Just bought a book - The very best baby-naming book ever with 50,001 names! (seem like i going to have 4th, 5th, 6th ... kids lagi... LOL)

It's only RM5 at Carrefour, Perai.