Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mann - 27 days old

Oh huh... Mann is 27 days old now.


1) Asking for McB almost every 2 hours. Mummy tired loh!
2) Will shout when mummy a bit late to carry her when she is asking for McB.
3) Response to mummy or anyone who talking with her with the sound "oo oo.. eeg eeg.." She LOVE it.
4) Didn't poo poo for 1 1/2days and today can poo poo very "thick" poo poo 3 times in 5 hours. Must use brush to remove the poo poo.
5) Asking anyone to carry when she is awake. When you put her back to bauncer she will started cry.
6) STILL jaundice loh. Hope that tomorrow can decrease to below 200.
7) Asking to bath 2 times per day if not will start making noise.
8) Night time SURE will asking mummy to carry her till she is deep sleep before put her into baby cot.
9) Jie Jie and Kor Kor "still" love to play and talk with her, and she's response.
10) Ah Ma (my mum) asked tokong and said that Mann don't like other "seeing" her, so i wonder can i still put her photo online ah?

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