Monday, 20 July 2009

Jing and Yang update

Jing - 6 years 2 mths

- is big Jie Jie to Yang and Mann
- More problems to mummy
- Don't like Yang coz always complaint Yang disturb her a lot. Actually not,just Yang really like to FOLLOW what Jing do!
- Doing very good in her study. Will automatically do her homeworks if have after dinner.
- Loves to read, paint, attend her music class, attend Enopimath class.
- Not really love vege anymore. Why? Ah mah and Yeh Yeh said eat vege not nutrient woh,must eat more meat and fish...
- Loves Mann because Mann is a gal not a boy. She claim that boy more naughty!

Yang - 3 years 9 mths

- Still so active! Mummy so tired
- Still refuse to study/learn, but now at least willing to hold the pencil to write if in good mood.
- Love to FOLLOW jie jie, whatever jie jie dod he also want to FOLLOW.
- LOVEs vege, because mummy waqshed his brain if didn'ttake vege can't poo poo.
- Loves Mann as she is a baby!?
- Love to cry also. Anything unhappy will cry only!

Their reaction when first saw Mann

Jing - oh... baby. So cute! Look like me? have big eyes like me? etc... all kind of questions!

Yang - Baby... I am kor kor. (Turn to mummy) This baby came from ur tummy? why only one? inside (point to mummy tummy) still have another one ah? Baby have "luili" (punjab - penis)?

Jing was so happy when i told Mann is a girl but Yang a bit dissapointed. He always expect a baby boy and asked me to get him another baby boy.


Zara's Mama said...

why the big jiejies all think boys are naughtier one ah?

little prince's mummy said...

Great updates!

chanelwong said...

so baby no4 in plan....

Moo mommy said...

Zara's mama,

Yang always buli Jing and girl's playing different game one leh. Both of them hv different interest even toys.


I had a bad experience this time (during delivered in GH). Now kiasi!

KittyCat said...

Jing and Yang's different reactions are so funny LOL