Friday, 29 August 2008

Yang - First day to school

Update after 5 days... At last my Yang now going to School liao. Here was the picture that before going to school. He wished to go. Woke him up also very easy, just I need to prepare breakfast for him. In school not like in house can eat whatever he want and looking for the time. School have rules! So far (till today) he was doing ok, continue lah...

His nanny asked me not to put him yet because Yang lost weight! L What to do, it's time for him to learn!


Gatal boy...

Friday, 22 August 2008


不知道大家有看Astro 325台 星期六及日的“向前冲!”吗?好像播完了。婧喜欢这部新加坡的连戏剧,她会追看!因为是教育电台所以我会让她看。
我很欣慰她虽然只有五岁不过她看得懂。她会问!什么意思等等。就好像能省则省, 她竟然要我举例子。刚好她的蜡笔用到七七八八了,要换又好像很浪费。我正烦恼要如何告诉她蜡笔必需用到完了才可以换.就这么幸运,机会来了.她竟然答应我用完一支换一支,而不是换整盒.她果然做到哦!当她要向我要第一支蜡笔时,我向她建议不然换整盒.她会告诉我不是应该能省则省吗?换一支就好了,其他的还能用.
我很高兴,感谢,欣慰... 我的婧长大了.不止这样,她还会告诉扬应该这样那样的.像我常常向她提起环保,不多不少她也懂环保.买菜会提醒我带盒子等等...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Equatorial Hotel in Bangi

*&^%$#@@... Sorry i have start with these!

I really mad about the 5 star service in that hotel. 5 star from the out look but 0 star only for the services!

OK, we book the room thought the VAM
2 months ago. The room pairing also faxed to them. So, when reached the
hotel at 130pm, we supposed can check in on the spot, right? but ho...

my colleague went to check in for us because she in charge of the
accommodation and hold the LO with her. She have to settle all before
she leavedtoTerengganu . She pass the 6 LO to the front desk and i will
collect it later. When i reached Equatorial with these others in 130pm.
The front desk told us not ready yet. Then we wait. Then when they told
me the amount was not enough, i was so shock! Then only i realise they
have lost one of the LO. Mean i only have 5 LO with me and i need to
rearrange for 11 person. then i have use the calculator, tut tut tut...
rearrange and adjust the LO. When i settle with that, the other front
desk stuff "FOUND" my no.6 LO. They missed placed it with other
customer LO. *&^%$@@&...
OK loh, settle the bill. Then come
to room problem. We need 5 room with 2 extra bed. They said another 2
room have to wait, it's cleaning up now. So wait lo. Knew what... I
wait till 445pm!!! I been waiting for my room for 3 hrs 15 min! i
almost want to &%$@@&* to them again liao. Luckily the duty manager immediately change me to other room and promised that i can check out till 2pm.
next day, i request for room make up and 2 set of toiletries because we
stay 3 person. I informed the house keeping at 745am. When i return to
my room at 430pm... the room still not yet make up - they were not here
yet!!! Hello, 5 star hotel...

Then when i was return to Ipoh, the sale pulak
have problem. They called and ask me the room pairing with invoice. I
told them i need invoice base on the LO not from the room pairing.
because we are using different project grant. Then he said can't
because we don't have support document for the invoice. em... kepala otak... then i pass to financial dept, they explain to that sale.

Here i showed you the garden landscape in Equatorial Bangi. But, basically i band this hotel...

VAM 2008

OK, after *&^%$#@ about VAM now is the time i telling you the VAM 2008.

This year the VAM having their congress in Equatorial Hotel Bangi. Very nice place but too far from the shopping mall. hehe...

Here is deco and door gift during Fratenity night.

Here is the door gift during the official dinner. This official dinner not only for VAm but also DVS launching the Malaysia Goat Program with West Australia. The Deputy Menister was here too.

Here are the Parasitology gangs. 3 of us presenting oral.

Khadijah presenting postal. She is a contract stuff in VRI before. Now she is tutor in UMT, Terengganu.

I like the whole program. But just the time not puctual loh. Can you imagine the dinner till 1130pm!! I was so sleepy... but can't leave or the dinner lagi tak da orang. Actually this year was organise by DVS HQ stuff, but most of them not helping each other. The program so nice but the participanting was so low... They should come and join the dinner to make the environment more grand, right?


I am a researcher, so i need to present my scientific finding or paper on some scientific
seminar, conference or congress. My institute is under Department of
Veterinary Services, Malaysia, so it's a traditional way every year
have to present a paper inVAM Congress (VAM - Veterinary Association of Malaysia.).
But ho... i have a lot of commends to VAM. It's should be a better association, not the one right now.
First, how many vet we have in Malaysia? quite some number, but till today still have a lot of vet's
not joining this the only professional association for vet. Every year
only RM50 or pay once life time membership RM1k. The vet said Too
Expensive!!! (How much they charge per pet??)
Second, since every year going to have scientific congress, why not buying the poster board? Every year VAM will borrow from here and there. The worst part --- not taking care!!! I in charge of poster board in my institute, and i am very angry about that!!! How much it will cost? VAM not going paid any single cent for rental, OK? And also, some stupid researcher never knew that poster board ONLY use Velcro not double side tape, gum or tum tat.
Third, every year VAM
will charge very high per participant. This year RM400 for member and
RM500 for non-member. Still BORROW LCD(s) and laptop(s) from here and
there. What a *&^%$# association... borrow from hotellah...
really don't understand. Yes, you want "EARN" as maximum as you can,
but please take care or paid for the rental (minimum amount or
transport fee!). No never do that! and also the financial in that
association, i think the auditor very head acheabout it. Since always want to earn maximum but already how many years in Malaysia and every year DVS will support VAM, still, no fix property under VAM. Where the money gone?
That's why i will never be member in this kind of association.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My biggest present!



But, knew what is my biggest present...

My rental house in Ipoh suspected enter by a thief! I went back home at 5pm. But i am still at downstairs to do my works. When i planned to take a bath and walk to upstairs - i saw the silling entrees was open so widely! First thing in my mind - a thief is/was in that house.

I called my owner. Both of us still so brave - want to climb up the stair to look for the thief! Than decided to call a man to climb, my neighbour. Then 3 of us think of many many ... decided to call the police. It took 45 minutes for the Ipoh Gerakan ... *&%$#@.... They can't find the house(another story - the taman not wujud in the police map!!!)

First 1 car arrived with 2 policeman. Then they climb up the roof and checked and last found nothing. The roof not opened, not foot or finger print, so may be is from next next house. After 10 minutes, one of the policeman have to wait at the end of the road to show the other police car and motorbike where is my house! another #@!$%^&*... then they start blame us not telling the right address. When showed them the address on payment resit from Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh. They kept quiet lah! According to their map in police station i stay in Taman Bersatu not Taman Riang, my owner and neighbour said need to check their S & P which is the correct address.

Total have 4 police and car and 4 motorbike!!! Surprise! The took my details and gave me the HOT LINE in Ipoh. Then they left.

Ok. Anyone knew any thing wrong or missing?

Hak... none of them went to check the back of my house. My owner and i went to check after they left. Both of us found not foot or hand print too.

em... police Malaysia... speechless!!!

And i still stay in that house last night with my Yang. no place to go leh...

Pray for me, ok?

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Steve Ballmer

Someone leave a commend to me. He said he is Steve Ballmer.

He wrote - "I'm impressed by you peoples quaint little blog here."

So what? I can write what i want,right? I am not an IT person so to caught up those latest IT like him, sorry lah... But please ask me about Molecular Biology subject,then i am able to answer.
How to insert picture also take me 2 days to search for that icon. I am really blur ok. Moreover my English is so so only and having problem on understanding from HELP manual.

This Steve Ballmer whether is the real one bo? I am not sure.

But i am surprise that he write my blog! haha... No wonder i got good results today! LOL

Anyway, Steve, I will improve day by day... Won't let Microsoft down!

Household Chores I Hate

Thanks MummyGwen for
the tag.
I'm not a clean freak too just hope to maintain the home as clean as

This meme is pretty simple.
Here are the rules:
1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think you
can survive without helpers and nannies?
2.) Copy the image.
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My answer: I hate ironing
and washing after each meal! I still have to do the ironing because
hubby done very badly on it, but washing... hubby have to it each time
i cook, he promised before i said "YES, I DO.".haha...

So i would like to pass it to RamblingMoo, KittyCat, mama22beas, Sue, allthingspurple, Maria and Twin, montessorimum, Shopping mum, Shooi, mumsgather, and msaufong. Ohh... forgot Tai Ka Che 5X mom.

Donate rice?! Do it so...

Beside can learn vocabulary u also donating rice to those need.

Please go to:

China brushing up their Engrish for Olympics 2008???

Received this email from a friend, make me LOL!!!

Olympics is in town (Beijing 08.08.08). You can't blame them for trying..... well, at least, they are making an effort...

Please carefully fall into the river, ok? Don't fall in in a haste!

Just eat! You don't wanna know what is ovary, digestive glands or Acid Food!!!

What an effort to spruce up the city for muslims - Halal Parking

Did not win any medals?, wanna commit suicide? Self Terminating Machine, this is where one would go to!Or is it a machine put there by "Ah Long" (Loan Shark) if you lost your money in bets and cannot repay.

This is the entrance for royals only. Please " Enterness for Your Highness!!

This is a complicated cake, so you don't wanna ask what's in it......It is complicated to explain!

This the new shape of the basketball to be introduced this coming Olympics.
It is a Chinese secret until now. Forget sending a basketball team, all other nations had no idea of this newly introduced ball. They can have all the medals!!!

Good mood

I am good mood today... Don't know why?!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Birthday - early celebration with my students

My birthday is on 18Th August. But i am not in Bukit Mertajam this weekend ( 16 and 17Th), I am attending seminar in Bangi to present my scientific paper.

Those big boys and girls used to be my student in year 2002. That time I was a temporary teacher in a secondary school. (Surprise!?) They always kept in touch with me and every year they will celebrate my birthday with me. They weren't the top top student! They are from the last class that i always have to advise, gave "lecture" them, like... I am their big Jie Jie. Until today, they still called and talk with me about their problem on work, relationship, etc.

Oh... Here is the flower from my student. Wonder how they knew i love Lilies?

My wish: Hope them success in their life!

Cutting guava

Both my kids love fruits. Don't care what fruits is it...
See... Yang just can't wait for me. He cut the guava himself.

Oh... he use to cut vegetable together with me in the kitchen with the cake knife.
He tried and tried... after 30 minutes, gave up and asked me to cut for him. LOL

Big and Small heart!

Seem like i am a bit... a lot - big and small heart (translate from Hokkian language.)
I love to take Yang photo more than Jing's now.
Why? Don't know. Or may be Yang spend more time with me now?
Never mind after 25Th this month both my kids are with me. So i will always upload their photo on my blog... huhu...

Monday, 11 August 2008

Dragon or bird?

Yang love science fiction movie. yesterday he was watching a dragon
movie with my DH cousin. (Sorry forgot what's the name of movie.)
I was busy at the back preparing dinner. When i have a short time to sit beside him, the i ask him, "Yang, wah, the dragon can talk and fly!"

Then, he said:" No, is bird not dragon."

Mommy:" Is a dragon, not bird. Bird look different."

Yang:" No , is bird. See, he can fly."

Jing:" No, bird won't look like this."

Yang:" No, is bird." Then put his little finger to his mouth:"Shh... watch movie..."

My whole families already laugh tak habis-habis...

Now, i know for him anything can fly is bird. LOL

May be because the movie was too dark? because in the book he can say is dragon not bird.


Here is the sweet memory for Kerya, who is a PhD student from Cambodia but further study in Sweden. She attached to my lab for 2 months and we did share lot of knowledge.

Thanks Kerya, and all the best!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympic 2008 in Beijing

Anyone still online ah? Quick, switch on your TV - wah... so gorgeous the opening ceremony!!
And i am pround to be a Chinese! - everything using manpower only!

What i hate

I hate when u "pretend" to be nice to me
I hate when u "give" me something and "always" hope that can gain MORE from me
I hate when u always showed everyone that you are the best

But no... Selfish, do things only for rewards - can be an actress liao!!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Wrong shoes matching!

Hehe... I wear like this to shopping...

Jia lat leh!!!

Luckily my when i just stepped from the car, my friend noticed it. And so lucky that i have another prepared shoes.

Dried Lycee

Have you seen dried lycee before?

In my lab, a PhD student from Cambodia attached to here for 2 months and her husband brought it from their country.
Size, smaller than the actual size, about 30%.
Taste better than longan, because its not so sweet. Em... just natural sweetness. Oh... mean all the while, the dried longan that i bought was added with sugar!