Thursday, 21 August 2008

Equatorial Hotel in Bangi

*&^%$#@@... Sorry i have start with these!

I really mad about the 5 star service in that hotel. 5 star from the out look but 0 star only for the services!

OK, we book the room thought the VAM
2 months ago. The room pairing also faxed to them. So, when reached the
hotel at 130pm, we supposed can check in on the spot, right? but ho...

my colleague went to check in for us because she in charge of the
accommodation and hold the LO with her. She have to settle all before
she leavedtoTerengganu . She pass the 6 LO to the front desk and i will
collect it later. When i reached Equatorial with these others in 130pm.
The front desk told us not ready yet. Then we wait. Then when they told
me the amount was not enough, i was so shock! Then only i realise they
have lost one of the LO. Mean i only have 5 LO with me and i need to
rearrange for 11 person. then i have use the calculator, tut tut tut...
rearrange and adjust the LO. When i settle with that, the other front
desk stuff "FOUND" my no.6 LO. They missed placed it with other
customer LO. *&^%$@@&...
OK loh, settle the bill. Then come
to room problem. We need 5 room with 2 extra bed. They said another 2
room have to wait, it's cleaning up now. So wait lo. Knew what... I
wait till 445pm!!! I been waiting for my room for 3 hrs 15 min! i
almost want to &%$@@&* to them again liao. Luckily the duty manager immediately change me to other room and promised that i can check out till 2pm.
next day, i request for room make up and 2 set of toiletries because we
stay 3 person. I informed the house keeping at 745am. When i return to
my room at 430pm... the room still not yet make up - they were not here
yet!!! Hello, 5 star hotel...

Then when i was return to Ipoh, the sale pulak
have problem. They called and ask me the room pairing with invoice. I
told them i need invoice base on the LO not from the room pairing.
because we are using different project grant. Then he said can't
because we don't have support document for the invoice. em... kepala otak... then i pass to financial dept, they explain to that sale.

Here i showed you the garden landscape in Equatorial Bangi. But, basically i band this hotel...

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Angeleyes said...

haiya... most of the hotels services sucks these days...