Thursday, 21 August 2008

VAM 2008

OK, after *&^%$#@ about VAM now is the time i telling you the VAM 2008.

This year the VAM having their congress in Equatorial Hotel Bangi. Very nice place but too far from the shopping mall. hehe...

Here is deco and door gift during Fratenity night.

Here is the door gift during the official dinner. This official dinner not only for VAm but also DVS launching the Malaysia Goat Program with West Australia. The Deputy Menister was here too.

Here are the Parasitology gangs. 3 of us presenting oral.

Khadijah presenting postal. She is a contract stuff in VRI before. Now she is tutor in UMT, Terengganu.

I like the whole program. But just the time not puctual loh. Can you imagine the dinner till 1130pm!! I was so sleepy... but can't leave or the dinner lagi tak da orang. Actually this year was organise by DVS HQ stuff, but most of them not helping each other. The program so nice but the participanting was so low... They should come and join the dinner to make the environment more grand, right?

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