Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Steve Ballmer

Someone leave a commend to me. He said he is Steve Ballmer.

He wrote - "I'm impressed by you peoples quaint little blog here."

So what? I can write what i want,right? I am not an IT person so to caught up those latest IT like him, sorry lah... But please ask me about Molecular Biology subject,then i am able to answer.
How to insert picture also take me 2 days to search for that icon. I am really blur ok. Moreover my English is so so only and having problem on understanding from HELP manual.

This Steve Ballmer whether is the real one bo? I am not sure.

But i am surprise that he write my blog! haha... No wonder i got good results today! LOL

Anyway, Steve, I will improve day by day... Won't let Microsoft down!

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