Monday, 11 August 2008

Dragon or bird?

Yang love science fiction movie. yesterday he was watching a dragon
movie with my DH cousin. (Sorry forgot what's the name of movie.)
I was busy at the back preparing dinner. When i have a short time to sit beside him, the i ask him, "Yang, wah, the dragon can talk and fly!"

Then, he said:" No, is bird not dragon."

Mommy:" Is a dragon, not bird. Bird look different."

Yang:" No , is bird. See, he can fly."

Jing:" No, bird won't look like this."

Yang:" No, is bird." Then put his little finger to his mouth:"Shh... watch movie..."

My whole families already laugh tak habis-habis...

Now, i know for him anything can fly is bird. LOL

May be because the movie was too dark? because in the book he can say is dragon not bird.

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