Thursday, 21 August 2008


I am a researcher, so i need to present my scientific finding or paper on some scientific
seminar, conference or congress. My institute is under Department of
Veterinary Services, Malaysia, so it's a traditional way every year
have to present a paper inVAM Congress (VAM - Veterinary Association of Malaysia.).
But ho... i have a lot of commends to VAM. It's should be a better association, not the one right now.
First, how many vet we have in Malaysia? quite some number, but till today still have a lot of vet's
not joining this the only professional association for vet. Every year
only RM50 or pay once life time membership RM1k. The vet said Too
Expensive!!! (How much they charge per pet??)
Second, since every year going to have scientific congress, why not buying the poster board? Every year VAM will borrow from here and there. The worst part --- not taking care!!! I in charge of poster board in my institute, and i am very angry about that!!! How much it will cost? VAM not going paid any single cent for rental, OK? And also, some stupid researcher never knew that poster board ONLY use Velcro not double side tape, gum or tum tat.
Third, every year VAM
will charge very high per participant. This year RM400 for member and
RM500 for non-member. Still BORROW LCD(s) and laptop(s) from here and
there. What a *&^%$# association... borrow from hotellah...
really don't understand. Yes, you want "EARN" as maximum as you can,
but please take care or paid for the rental (minimum amount or
transport fee!). No never do that! and also the financial in that
association, i think the auditor very head acheabout it. Since always want to earn maximum but already how many years in Malaysia and every year DVS will support VAM, still, no fix property under VAM. Where the money gone?
That's why i will never be member in this kind of association.

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