Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My kids (Oct 2011)

Hi.. I think i should update all in one post. Made the works easy!

We went to the beach at Sg Batu, Penang on Sept, 2011. It's Yang kiddy function. Too bad Mann didn't follow because she just recover for fever. Bring her to the beach is not a good idea. Jing and Yang having fun at there. Mummy and Tanz just sat under the tree and SAW the other kids playing around. Promised the kids will be there again and MUST bring Mann together.

Jing (8 yo and 5 mths)

Really a challenge for me! Her life just marks and competing, That's all! I wonder should I stop her to go to school? Away from those negative influence?

Yang (just reach 6 yo)

Having his birthday celebration at kiddy. He's happy that i bought him a Angry Bird's birthday cake. Then ho... no photo was taken, because i forgot to bring along the camera. Hm... let the sweet memory kept in his mind la!
Seem like he really HATES homework, he will refuse to do even need to write only 3 lines of sentences. yer... Headache!

Mann (2 yo and 3 mths)

hu... Now she really knows how to made simple sentences. Not consider speech delay. She is without any nappy during day time now,so more works for the whole family to remind her to go to toilet. Night, sorry mummy can't woke up lo.

Tanz (14 weeks) Weight:5.2kg Height:59cm

Yes, she is free from jaundice now since 10 weeks old,means no more to and from clinic every weeks. Yippy!
She increased 1 kgs in a mth.Not bad ha?!
Her head getting strong now. She can recognize her name and will search for it when you call her name.
She wants grandpa to carry when she noticed he is around. Will cry even cranky just because want to ask grandpa to carry. To where? jalan-jalan whole kampong! hehe...

Daddy and mummy
Mummy (me la) is a SAHM now. Having enough time to breastfeed the little one. No more pumping, sterilize, keep, arrange, reheat... breast milk. Feel so GREAT now!! Daddy - busy bee!