Friday, 28 November 2008

Candida sp.

I was surfer from urinary tract infection for 3 weeks!!

First few days, still can bear the pain as i make sure i drink a lot of water. But can't cure.

Second week, went to see doctor because already urine contain blood! Doctor gave adviced took some antibiotic loh. And my urine profile showed Leucocyte count is very high. So he assume was bacteria infection. I also asked to done the urine culture to confirm the kind of infection. My mistake - i went to goverment hospital.

Third week, still the antibiotic can't cure the pain... Went to private hospital, same gave me antibiotic.

Forth week, i gave up! Drink a lot a lot a lot of water and kept changing my panty let it's cure by itself. And it does!!

Then i received a call from government hospital - my urine culture report was bad. Need to reculture again. I went loh... and i found out it's Candida sp.! Fungus infection! No wonder antibiotic can't help me lah! I need antifungus! Luckily not Candida albican.

Em... Why took them so long... actually 3 days can tell me the result! Oh... next time i do the culture myself as i have all the facility in my lab. hehe...

Second ultra scan

Went to visit gynae yesterday. Because this 2 days morning when i woke up, always my tummy have a hard "lump"! Quite worry... Not feeling any pain.

Gynae said it's because the worm move to one side due to my position of sleep. He done the ultra scan, can see the fetus heart beat. But can't take the picture as i already wee wee, picture not clean enough.

Em... a life is inside my body!!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

PTK exam

I amgoing to sit for my PTK exam tomorrow.
So wish me good luck!!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yang talk a lots now!

Before i send Yang to nursery,i told the nursery teacher that Yang not really can talk in full sentences yet. But now after 2 1/2 in nursery... non stop talking...

Today in nursery,
Yang still running here and there...

His teacher:" Yang, you should not run like this. You will hurt yourself if you fell down."
Yang still running....
His teacher:"Yang, come and sit beside me." (Yang only will lishen to this teacher.)
Op... Yang walk so slowly to his teacher and try to pull the chair away from his teacher.
His teacher:"No, you have to sit beside me."
No choice, he has to follow.
Yang will do anything and works if this teacher ask him to do.

So, after lunch hour.This teacher leave first and told her girls if Yang behave naughty just call her.

Then, time for another teacher D to leave. She asked Yang want to follow her to Jusco to buy thing?
You know what Yang told her!!
Yang:" I don't want. Later you will call Mrs L to report on me."
All the teacher laughed!!

Em... my Yang...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

morning sickness

why should i suffer for this leh....

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Yang is 3 years and almost 2 months now. but ho...

1. still less concentration on doing works, especially when ask him to write, colouring, playing education game...

2. If is outdoor... he is no 1.

3. Stubborn!!! No mean no... no negotiable!

4. Luckily won't beat other kids at nursery. Cross my finger.

5. "Super Glue"to mommy... may be i pregnant??

6. Love to fight wt Jing. Whatever Jing hold any toy he will "claim" it's his!!

7. No ending story about things have wheel...

What do you think?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Am i too excited to have my 3rd baby?

My DH asking me this question. I announced it in FaceBook, so mean the whole world knew about it! DH and I are from the same secondary school,so we had the same schoolmates. He was greeting by an old friend about my no.3, and he "gong gong" why his friend knew about it. Haha...LOL

Then he wait until last Friday night and asked me. I said i announced it in FaceBook which DH HATES this kind of stuff. Now, he is asking me to teach him how to play FaceBook. hehe...

But really... am i too excited? LOL... Now not yet 8 weeks... hak... another 32 weeks to go only, quite short to enjoy the pregnancy journey, right? haha...

I am a bit ok compare with last week. Last week i vomit till no end!! Urology Specialist said may be due to i had terrible urinary track infection... Hope so lah...

Yang's react!

When i told Yang that i am pregnant, he started to behave weigh!

He is so "attach" to me... Sleep time must mommy accompany, drink milk must mommy mix, bath also only mommy, everything is mommy mommy mommy...

I am sick with my morning sickness and he always mommy mommy mommy... wah... tension!!! When i pregnant with Yang, Jing won't be so ... over leh!

Hi... need to bear it since he's so "jealous"! But still, he wants baby. LOL!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tired tired tired.... Working as a goverment stuff...

May be most of you think that become a government stuff like holding the stainless Stael bowl but ho... for a non-bumi to stand in between "them", do you know how tough?!

I am in Veterinary Department. So, do you think anythings wrong if i want to involve myself in Pig Industry? Since "they" don't care at all!!! Yap, never care.

I apply for the MOA Dana for pig diseases project and was been turn down. The reason - i really can't accept!!! Pig not priority!!! MOA, please... Kementerian Pertanian!!! I was ask to get the fund from the farmer!!! So unfair!!

I wonder should i continue to stay here? I am a "invisible" stuff here too... I was"kick" from one section to another section... But when i request to transfer out - another non sense reason was given too.

Em... I am started to look for another job liao... With my 3rd baby, hope he bring both of us a very good luck!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Em... I don't think my kids saw goose before. Went to "ang kong" temple and surprising they have goose there.

See,both my kids just stand there for 10 minutes just want to see goose. Jing kiasi not dare to walk close but Yang went near to the gate. Luckily, the hole not big enough for Yang to put his hand in. Or will "bite" by goose.

Jing started to ask: " Goose are bigger than duck, right?"
"The sound of goose is different."
"Why roaster can gang with goose? no fighting?"
"Do we eat goose?"
"i am scare lah,it's huge!!!"

My Yang, just making the sound of goose and roaster. Then Jing was explain everything to him. I don't know what they were discussing, but good, at least i know they are communicating. :D

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

First checkup

Just went to my first maternity checkup at GH yesterday. Everything seem OK. I can saw the tiny 19.8mm sac! But too small to see the fetus yet. At least i can confirmed I AM REALLY PREGNANT! :D

Friday, 7 November 2008


When you look at the picture, i bet you know what it is mean. Right?

Yap, i am pregnant with my No. 3!! I bought that kit only RM6, and i have a very strong positive result!

I wonder how i get pregnant leh?Hubby and I were so "carefully"! haha... Should be my ovulation day delay loh,or else impossible one! We were so "safe" for 3 years.

Anyway... congratulation to myself lah...

Thursday, 6 November 2008


My grandpa passed away 3 years ago, 28 Oct was the day. Our family done some ceremony for him. He was a Buddhism.

In Chinese society, grand-children from daughter side are not the "importance" person. Because "we, the grand-child at daughter side" carried other surname. So, during this event not attending also never mind. But, he was the only grandpa that i have and stayed with for 16 years...

I was on leave that day! But ho... the grand-children who carry his surname... only 3 appear... the rest with the reason - working! My Jing, the great grandchild still remember him and she missed him so much.

Ok, about my grandpa, he was a very traditional man loh. For example, he only gave my sister and i half of the pocket money compare to my cousin who were the same surname with him. Yap... so unfair... and my sister and i are girl lagi leh, ok!
But never mind, my grand mum will top up! haha...

Luckily, I have very good mother - who always teach us need to respect the older no matter what have they done. So i will try my best to do whatever he want me to do. Actually, he always asked me to fetch him out, i am his driver! He was the type want to eat something special, then he will call you to fetch him. Fetch him only... he won't treat for that special meal one!!! His belonging surname grandson... always had their reason why can't pick him up! When i had kids, my kids will just followed in my car loh.

I am so lucky i had a good mum although she never went to school before. At least i had quite some number of sweet memories and times with my grandpa!

Mengkuan dam walk

My house just nearby Bukit Mertajam Mengkuang dam,in 10 minutes drive only. I just love to went there so my kids can walk on the grass without shoe. Actually i love the feeling walking on grass, hehe...

This time we decided to walk into another pass way around the dam. Quite far! Took about 1/2 hour. You can know how "far" from Jing's face! She complained and complained, want to return... But my Yang...

See negotiating with daddy want to walk further more! And Jing don't care - walk back herself! haha... Of cause in the end,we all return, because mommy and daddy can't tahan liao! haha...

Steam Pumpkin Cake

Here i ready with steam pumpkin cake! But taste not as good as steam banana cake. Pumpkin taste not strong as banana and the egg taste "covered" all!
Want to try strawberry but still can't get in pasar malam. Oh... cheaper a lot compare to supermarket.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Will your father-in-law cook?

I just considered myself very lucky! I don't have Mother-In-Law and a very understanding father-in-law. Without MIL it's reduce the chances my DH sit on the wall and good FIL can help me do a lot of things include cleaning up the house.

My hubby and I were in Ipoh during Saturday because i am going to move from rented house to government house. Need to clean up and move my things. We can't return on time.

When i reached home by 730pm, my FIL already fetched Yang from my mother's place because she need to attend dinner. Then I saw both my kids were after bath and taking their dining. My FIL cook! Although it's just very simple meal, i don't mind. Both my kids very enjoyed!

Hm... I am so lucky...