Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

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How Yang ate?

See how my son eating? He just like to use Punjabee style every time at the end of one meal-ate by hand. Let him be lah, just make sure he had finished his meal and full enough.

Sunday, 30 December 2007




不是我排斥, 只是我不想准备两份餐具。麻烦!

Langkawi trip

Went to Langkawi with my family during X'Mas. Em... a 3 days 2 nights trip, too rush lo... not really enjoying.

First photo - my mom and her 2 lovely daughter.

Second photo - leex family!

We have our very good time at Caber car and swimming pool.

I do have a lot of commends ...
1. I will never never rent a 12 ppl van. Advice: rent 8 or 15 seat van or MPV better.

2. I thought Awana Group can be trusted, but ho, when we reach there it's all different story. When i done my full payment at Ipoh Branch, everything ok, any syarat also can, but reached Awana Porto Malai, "Nop, Ipoh ppl ddin't tell us what you want." Especially i oledy stated that i want my 5 rooms in the same building and 2 queen size bed per room. ik.... geram geram...

3. Since we have Muslim in our group,so need to eat halal food la. I can't image how the Malay can survice if they run their business like that!!!
First lunch, a food coach near Kuah town, i think almost 100 store there - but selling the same foods. Just fried rice will took him 1/2 hrs and u can see - Skim Mikro Pembiaan Perniagaan (sound like thatlah.) . If they keep on run business like that, for sure till 2020, still mikro only!
First dinner, went to the famous Ikan Bakar restorant at Pantai Cenang - their reply, ini aje kita ada dan kita orang buka pukul 8, u nak makan kena tunggu, em... setengah jam. oh my God, it's oledy 8pm, please. Went to another and another restorant - same answer also. At last we end up in a Malay restorant also cause oledy 830pm, for sure they prepared liao la! and knew what they are very keram kabut, keep on asking us what we had order. I asked to prepare pizza and spagethi for kids first but ho the stupid waitress said can't not leh, need to finished the whole table order first leh... ah... really make me crazy!!! The end, they forgot to add in the drink order!
Second lunch, Pantai Pasir Hitam, oh... my god... the very first time i ate fry fish that haven't siang sisik! The store very dirty and have cats running around, end up, my mom, my kids and i ate only white rice and telur masin. Drinks, kelapa muda only cause no need to go through their "hand".
The rest of our meal, in a Thai style restorant-Eden group (Halal off cause. wah... fast, clean, and my kids not complaining they were hungry. ) and fast food better.
Sure u will ask why don't have dinner at hotel? cause for our group, need about >RM1K just for the X'mas eve or X'mas dinner! wah....

4. Nothing to see at Underwater World! really nothing... and the fee - RM800+ for the group!

I will never go to Langkawi again - for family days!







Sunday, 23 December 2007

GrandDD is MIL now

Here are part of the daily conversation between my DD and FIL,

On the phone at 10 pm. (She knew how to dial to her grandpa.)

GrandDD: Yeh yeh (in Chinese means father side grandpa), where are u?
Grandpa: Chit chat with friends.
GrandDD: Do u know that i am suppose to go to bed? U should come back NOW!
Grandpa: haven't finish yet. U go to bed by yourself first.
GrandDD: No, i can't sleep without u! please, yeh yeh, please...
Grandpa: ... ... ... ok lah.

Actually this's the routine work to FIL, after pension off cause gang with old friend one la. but ho... seem like grandDD more important now. hehe... and my daughter want to sleep with him now, dunno why. oh... without mattress, just mat only.

Cool water

Look at Yang, He 's so happy!
I never knew that he likes cool drink, see that bottle that he holded - he put in the fridge without anyone notice! He took it out dunno after how many hour liao. Coinsidenly DH pass by kitchen and saw he took the bottle out from the fridge. If not, we all will never knew that he knew put he bottle in the fridge and wait until it get cool.
Off cause, he finished the whole bottle of water in less than 5 minutes!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

MSAFP test for Down Syndrome-NTD screen

Have you heard about the MSAFP test - Down Syndrome-NTD Screen test? This is my first time since my 2nd pregnancy at 2005.
My house owner just pregnant 16 weeks. Her gynae offer her the above test, so did lo. Her result was not so good - Increased risk of down-syndrome! She need to did the amniocentesis test to confirm YES or NO!
She was blur on science thing so she refer to me and showed me her report. It's done from a local laboratory (gribbles laboratory) , em... since i just heard about the test, i surf online about it. But i still not really confidence with test.
I call the Gribbles lab just to ask for the sensitivity of the test. Off cause i know that this is not a diagnostic test. The person from Biochem stuff told me that they are using software to predict the risk (my friends reading is 1 in 229) base on Malaysia population. But She can't tell me how accurate the test is!! Hello... i have the right the to know the % although i am not the patient. Anything wrong that i know the %! Or they NEVER HAVE the figure!
Please commend and pass to your friend! I am disappointed with her attitude - Typical Malaysia! Want to bluff to me... i am researcher leh, i do lab test too leh!!


Yang learn how to speak very slow. May be due to he "expose" to too many language qua! Until today he only can say single words (very seldom can "join" the words into one whole full sentences. :( ) I feel so guilty that i can't be with all the time. When I have Jing, i am a SAHM. Unfair, right? Really have think about be a SAHM again...

Monday, 17 December 2007


I received this cookies presend from my house owner. (She is married, it was from her neighbour.) Nice, right?
荣成礼坊 cookies were very famous in South Malaysia not North Malaysia. Northern friend sure won't pay so much just to buy the box. This is Northern ppl character, want things as cheap as possible. :(
Next time when my kids married, i am sure i want this kind of present for everyone. So still another 17 years to go, because my eldest DD just 4 years old, hak!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My shoe

Do you know what happen to my shoe? I pin it and glue it with tape! Weird? Me too feel like that, but what can i do leh...
I went to a symposium at Help Institute last week. Need formal wear mah,
so have to weara my formal shoe lah - the pair of shoe i been kept in
the shoe cupboard for >2 years. It's look very nice during morning
section but during lunch hour, the left side "open" a big mouth! the
upper and bottom seem can't get togetherliao,
so what can i do? just find whatever things i can get from my bag only
lo! Luckily i found a pin and a roll of tape, so here it's look like lo!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Tan's family photo

Here was the last family photo for my grandpa. He is 88 when he passed away. I miss him a lot although he the traditional type - boy more important than girl, but when want to go anywhere, he's still ask me fetch him.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nissen cloth diaper pants

At last i got my cloth diaper pants for Yang! I asked my BIL bought it from Taiwan. Nissin brand and very very cheap compare to Malaysia or USA. Look nice, right?
Anyone want bo? He is coming during Chinese New Year, can tumpang beli. :) of cause have girl version one la.

Monday, 3 December 2007

why so boring leh...

I am so boring! Monday mood mah. and i am alone, my colleague on leave
lo. Today i need to do all the diagnostic works and go out for lunch by
myself only. Boring... so decided to sit in front of computer all day.hehe...

Eyes grow molds - Part 3!

hak... my plan really works! Now she knew that i am going to lock all her favorite channels, she done her home works! ( i didn't force her to do one ha, she ask me to bought for her some exercise book one lo).
The plan still continue... haha...