Wednesday, 19 December 2007

MSAFP test for Down Syndrome-NTD screen

Have you heard about the MSAFP test - Down Syndrome-NTD Screen test? This is my first time since my 2nd pregnancy at 2005.
My house owner just pregnant 16 weeks. Her gynae offer her the above test, so did lo. Her result was not so good - Increased risk of down-syndrome! She need to did the amniocentesis test to confirm YES or NO!
She was blur on science thing so she refer to me and showed me her report. It's done from a local laboratory (gribbles laboratory) , em... since i just heard about the test, i surf online about it. But i still not really confidence with test.
I call the Gribbles lab just to ask for the sensitivity of the test. Off cause i know that this is not a diagnostic test. The person from Biochem stuff told me that they are using software to predict the risk (my friends reading is 1 in 229) base on Malaysia population. But She can't tell me how accurate the test is!! Hello... i have the right the to know the % although i am not the patient. Anything wrong that i know the %! Or they NEVER HAVE the figure!
Please commend and pass to your friend! I am disappointed with her attitude - Typical Malaysia! Want to bluff to me... i am researcher leh, i do lab test too leh!!