Sunday, 23 December 2007

GrandDD is MIL now

Here are part of the daily conversation between my DD and FIL,

On the phone at 10 pm. (She knew how to dial to her grandpa.)

GrandDD: Yeh yeh (in Chinese means father side grandpa), where are u?
Grandpa: Chit chat with friends.
GrandDD: Do u know that i am suppose to go to bed? U should come back NOW!
Grandpa: haven't finish yet. U go to bed by yourself first.
GrandDD: No, i can't sleep without u! please, yeh yeh, please...
Grandpa: ... ... ... ok lah.

Actually this's the routine work to FIL, after pension off cause gang with old friend one la. but ho... seem like grandDD more important now. hehe... and my daughter want to sleep with him now, dunno why. oh... without mattress, just mat only.

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