Monday, 29 October 2007

Play House Disney

See, both my kids with Play House Disney cap. Cute, right? I got it from Astro Road Show at Kinta City Shopping Mall, Ipoh last week. It's limited edition (according to them lah!) But i don't care, still want 2 caps because i have 2 kids mah.

Prema, what are you doing?

Prema is my friend. She had a MyV that she bought 10 months ago. Knew what? She never knew that tyre need to pump air!! This is the Picture that she pump my car tyre for the first time! So... cute!! Dijah_Best is with her, just want to in the photo loh! For the first time mah!

Jing Art work

See these are my girl drawing + coloring!
First lesson draw chick - and she told me that her chicken kurang makan that's why so skinny. haha...
Second drawing - She said she make mistake here la, there la... bra bra bra...
Next week will post her third drawing and her first coloring drawing without guidence of teacher - She knew how to "apply" the technique that teacher teach! wah... my girl really "big" enough liao, knew how to "apply" whatever others teach liao.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Alice, see how my boy eat the cake!

Haha... He loves the cream. Can finish 1 whole cake lo!
Thanx, Alice

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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Colouring contest

My Jing went for colouring contest last weekend. She is 4 only. Actually just let her have some fun only because my sister's children also joining. She likes my sister's son wherever he went if possible she will follow! Because thisko ko never fight with her, will gave her whatever she want.
Jing off cause didn't won lah. But at least now she knew what mean to contest. Since she didn't won first 3 place, she decided want to go for drawing class and she attend
her first drawing classliao.
Next week only can post her first drawing class drawing. Forgot to bring to Ipoh lah.


After the gathering, i brought my children to beach - unplanned! So need to buy some stuff for them lah. They were enjoying themself very very much (including daddy too! haha..). Both of them enjoying playing the sand more than playing in the water. Luckly lo, because the toilet closed i only have 3 bottle of 1.5 l water to wash them. Limited water!

Gathering in Penang

Ah...we called out some friend from MMB or blog to meet but ho... only 3 person turn out lo. Alice and Darrius, Sharine and daughter, and my family.
We have our lunch there, my son enjoying running around. Only my son, not other kids! why? my son too too active. I am so tired!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hello Kitty International Lantern Festival

Just went to the show last weekend. Em... quite
expensive, RM12 for adult and RM8 for child. But since i promised DD
want to visit so noexcuse to say no to her. Promise is promise mah!
My son was enjoying to walk here and there, Jing prefer to go for ride on other game. both of them seem not really "enjoy" the lantern there. Hubby and i busy on bring Jing to see all the lanterns and chasing for Yang. hai... this was what family is loh!! haha...

Free riding at Giant, Perai.

I wonder why my son to ride on these machine? My daughter will say no until she's turn to 3. It's free, anyway!

Selamat Hari Raya

Just want to wish my muslim friend Selamat Hari Raya!

Thursday, 4 October 2007


I was so shock when i was called to go for the training in my working place by the "peacock". Surprise! I really very very shock! Anything behind the stone? Kia Xi Lang lah!
Don't know why suddenly she treated me so nice. May be she has changed? The senior told me - impossible loh, sure later will be assign by other tough works lagi!

I wonder if there's any possibility she change liao? God will know! Now is fasting month, she need more pahala qua?

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Hak! At last my Yang wean off himself liao. He just urn to 2 on 30th Sept. Before that he still stick to my breast especially when he's up sad. But on 29th Sept, he has some fight with Jie Jie, so up sad la, when i offer him my breast he refused! "no, no, no... mom mom." Hak... he really wean fully liao from my moo's.
Em... my breast can rest now. May be just for a while?! hehe...


Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Happy Birthday Yang Yang! He is 2 years old boy now, active, happy, stubborn, ... boy now.