Wednesday, 13 August 2008

China brushing up their Engrish for Olympics 2008???

Received this email from a friend, make me LOL!!!

Olympics is in town (Beijing 08.08.08). You can't blame them for trying..... well, at least, they are making an effort...

Please carefully fall into the river, ok? Don't fall in in a haste!

Just eat! You don't wanna know what is ovary, digestive glands or Acid Food!!!

What an effort to spruce up the city for muslims - Halal Parking

Did not win any medals?, wanna commit suicide? Self Terminating Machine, this is where one would go to!Or is it a machine put there by "Ah Long" (Loan Shark) if you lost your money in bets and cannot repay.

This is the entrance for royals only. Please " Enterness for Your Highness!!

This is a complicated cake, so you don't wanna ask what's in it......It is complicated to explain!

This the new shape of the basketball to be introduced this coming Olympics.
It is a Chinese secret until now. Forget sending a basketball team, all other nations had no idea of this newly introduced ball. They can have all the medals!!!

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