Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mann's 12 day update!

Mann is 12 days old now.

She knew...

- SMILE! But mummy not manage to take her photo yet.
- CALLING FOR MILK! By crying in loud sound.
- REFUSED TO SLEEP! Why? because she want to poo poo.
- SUDDENLY CRY VERY LOUD SOUND! When kor kor disturbing her.
- Will QUIET when anyone carry her. She enjoyed been carry by someone.


- Poo at anytime she wants, even at 1 am, 3 am and 530am!
- Want to suck mummy "pacifier" then only can sleep! Aiya... bad habit!
- Allergic to wipe and nappy rash cream. So mummy using cotton ball with water and lotion only.
- Allergic to those adult didn't wipe their face and kissed her. Wah... mummy so sakit hati when patches of rashes at her chic.
- STILL JAUNDICE! 264.5 umol/L of bilirubin level. Em... Thursday sure will ask to redo all the blood tests and urine tests. Pity Mann!

Did u notice that she is still look "yellow"?


KittyCat said...

Hi...have you tried sunning her in the early morning sun i.e. 8 - 9 am? My Mum used to do that for Lucas (as advised by my Ahma).

All the grandmas do that for the babies here in China too...

Also, the pre-natal class I attended said that we should not take too much 'kunyit' in confinement foods too.

Hope this helps and hope Mann gets better soon. Breastfeeding in good progress eh :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Adorable...

Hope mummy able to snap a photo with little one's sweet smile :)

mama23beas said...

I thought u have not updated yet..hehe. I just love the way lil Mann pucker her lips like that, or is it natural?.
I never knew gov hosp can be that cincai. Anyway, I hope they will improve with your complain on the case. You even put the nurse name here...beraninya!

Moo mommy said...


Now can't under the sun loh.new rule.


Mann done like this when she is satisfied after bf!
So what? She dare to do that to me so i will help her to publish loh! I am jahat! LOL :P

reanaclaire said...

yes, try sunning her around 8-9am if the sun is not too hot or too chilly..
i have written a post on my fren's baby, born just last friday.. yesterday i went to visit her at home, her baby is XXL size already, cos at birth, she weighed 4.1kg..
hope yr mann is alright now..

Zara's Mama said...

still young.. suck mummy's pacifier to sleep is ok. :P