Monday, 7 May 2007


I was so lazy... see i didn't blog for 2 mths liao. and there r lot lot lot lot..of things i want to say. Let me tell you each by each la.

I was so lazy when i return to BM every weekend. I supposed to been nice to my elder girl (coz i "left" her to my mom and i take care only my 2nd boy), to clean my house (cleane it every weekend only coz i am noty at home mah.), cook (but ...lazy...), be nice to hubby (coz he really work very hard to earn BIG $, so he's tired la) ... but but but... i am too too lazy, sometime i didn't finished all my suppose! then by sun night (last night b4 i return to Ipoh again) i was so regret. I am too lazy... i hv to change la...

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