Friday, 18 May 2007

I had decided!

I had decided i want to open my own business! :) Enopi Mathematic Training Center! Just reply to them yesterday that i agree to open the center by myself. Mean that i am going to resign as a gov stuff! Waste, right? to be a gov stuff especially for a non-bumi. But what to do. As i said before, very hard to survive to in between their "group". They still look at me as a alien. I try to adapt myself into their group, follow whatever they wan me to do, but only with reasonable reason la, of cause i am not going to wear tudung (gilak!), follow they to the restaurant they choose (very particular one !), try to talk like they ( i am oledy can speak very fluent in Malay!:))... but still without tudung, i am alien! eh... should be in different title ho... LOL Anyway, i am going to have a new career, beside be a constructor of the center, i am a half (part-time) SAHM to my both kids.

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