Monday, 7 May 2007


3 yrs ago...I send my Canon camera to repair oledy 3 yrs liao, but i still hvn't got it. Call to canon they said too many camera to repair liao, so still need to wait woh.

2 2/3 yrs ago...I bought another camera plus handycam (actually is handycam la), coz you know la, chidren like to run around and very hard to take photo leh. So ask hubby to invest on a Sony DVD handycam. Oledy 2 yrs + liao, very good.

1 mth ago... wah...very qi cham going out wt handycam plus 2 kids. must planned to buy a digital camera. but oledy surf online for > 1 mth, still can't decided which to buy. woman... think 6 Mpix, wt anti-shake is ok to me liao. I no need up to 10 Mpixes camera coz i dun need aposter size photo!

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