Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Yang: " Today i study. Can i drive the fire engine?"

My Yang now "showed" that he want to study liao. Why?

First - both teacher and i "push" him a bit.
Second - everyday will have great lecture from this ngam ngam cham cham mommy.
Third - He was so afraid that he can't drive the fire engine as i told him if he don't know how to read, he won't ever can drive the fire engine because he can't read the sign board and press any button.(evil mom!)

His improvement still very slow loh. but at least he is showing he want to study or in other ways, he can sit still to study liao. Never expect him to write yet!

ah... a long way to go kok!


little prince's mummy said...

At least, there's something to motivate Yang to study!~ Great start!

Moo mommy said...

aiyo...this mommy need to find something new for him not easy loh...