Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My foul meh...

It's my foul meh.... If i didn't allow to borrow the book!
I am so angry, really so angry!!! I am a Research Officer but i have to in charge on Library thingssss which it's suppose to be Admin Officer works! So when i decided to buy some new books for library, all those book i label
as Red Spot - means you only can do reference IN THE Library , you are
not allowed to borrowed OUT from Library. My department don't haveenough $ to but 2 copies so that each required section can keep one copy.
This Dr. Vet, ok
she did asked me to but the book that she want to use as reference as
she need to it to writing up her thesis. So after discuss with Big
Boss, I allowed to borrowlah with the syarat she need to let other use if other need it as reference. At first of cause i don't allowed but she kept on telling the non sense... She told me that i will get in trouble with those NON SENSE rules... hei...please la, my library committees set those rules because we want to encourage all the stuffs here to GO TO LIBRARY MORE FREQUENTLY. What wrong with it? Am i doing something wrong?
em... this is what happen in Government Sector la! You need to do a lot of things out of AREA. I am a research not a library leh...

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