Thursday, 25 September 2008

Call polis, faster!

My back house having renovation to their house. On Wednesday, early the morning Yang and i hear the loud sound someone knock to the wall. Actually, "knock" him up also, that's why he was angry.
Then he ranto the window, then he shout to me,

"Mommy, call polis, faster!"


"See, destroy other people house!"

When i saw the worker, I just laugh lah!
I need to explain to him why they were doing like this. They are renovating not destroy!! LOL


angeleyes said...

ahahaha! Yang so cute! And he is good... know how to call police!

Moo mommy said...

This is my son loh. He loves any type of vehicles and explain to him what the usage. When he injurt himself he will ask me to call ambulance!!haha...