Friday, 26 September 2008

Yang is going to 3!

Yang is going to 3 on 30Th Sept. Very fast ho! When think of no.3, i am too lazy to restart the whole journey again. Hehe...

So, my Yang...

1) still so active. He love to run.

2) is a curious inquiry kid.

3) loves things that can move especially wheel.

4) loves science fiction movie, ooh...also ghost movie too...

5) loves to go to school, because still Mr Leong teaching kok not Mrs Leong.

6) can't sit still. In nursery and music class i need ask teacher keep more straight to him.

7) loves to eat fish, meat, fruits, veges, except carrot and broccoli.I think gave him too much when he is still young. Now,boring to eat the same thing.:p

8) loves to take picture. U took his picture or he will take your picture. He knew how to operate my digital camera.

9) still leaning to speak in full sentences. em... too bad.

10) always fight with jia jia. Whatever jia jia took,he wants that it and claim that the things belong to him. Sometime i just ignore him.

11) always ask to "syang wo lah..." and "xiang wo ma?" - learn from Yeh Yeh (grandpa).

12) knew how to open and wear his own cloths.

13) knew how to go to toilet by himself. Daddy so shock that he can hold his penis while wee wee and will wash his hands after that. No more squat like jia jia.

14) need to call jia jia and daddy before go to bed.

15) miss his little "panjee"(Punjab-sister) who stud yin USM,Kubang Keriang very very much.

16) loves to read book. Always ask me read word by word to him.But till now still can remember any alphabet or number. :(

17) loves to wear sport shoes because will ask to go to walk walk or play ground.

18) in BM, every morning after bath will ask Yeh Yeh to go to kopitiam in front my house. He want to order milo, half boiled egg and chicken rice.

19) hates what i cook. He already use to Punjab's food liao. I am headache now!! Don't know how to cook mah...

20) loves shopping!!

21) loves to colouring.

22) still need mommy then only can go to sleep. Typical mommy boy...

23) night time when reach 10pm, he will automatically switch off the TV (no matter who is watching the TV), then ask everyone to go to bed. "See, outside is dark. Go sleep!"

24) In BM, after afternoon bath, will find his own cloth and wear it himself. Then ask daddy to go walk walk - must out from the house.

25) still Yeh Yeh not really want to bring him out without mommy or daddy. Too active, can't sit still...

26) weight? height? Update later.


Blessed mum said...

thanks for visiting my blog..

Time flew by so fast before we know it, our kids are grown up already..

Happy birthday to Yang in advance:)

Moo mommy said...


Yap,kids growtn up and we grown "old"!LOL