Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beh tahan! I wan to complaint!

Last night I attended a dinner that held by Menteri Besar Perak. It's Perak dengan Penternak 1 Malaysia.

Here is the invitation card.

But ho....

Stated there started 7pm. But ho, turn to another page, 815 pm then only MB arrived... (wah... 1 hr 15 min for the guess to arrive? just 1500 ppl only with invitation card, no outsider ok!)

Ok, we waited...

Eh... what is the different between table serve with glass plate and plastic plate?
here i showed you the dishes served with plastic and glass plate.

ooh...only for 3-4 person dishes...

Wah... enought for 10 person lo!

See the different. Plastic plate table ... only cater for 3-4 person only but the table was for 10 person seats!

Noticed or not, said was 1 Malaysia but the food were so "Malay". Penternak from whole Perak mah, should have more variety dishes and NO BEEF!! SUK should knew that!

If i am the farmer (penternak) sure i will ask whether i need to SPONSOR some meat or not!!

Complaint no 2:

MB actually arrived at almost 9pm. Since most of the guest arrived before 8 pm so the RAKYAT have their dinner first beside waiting for the VIP.
When the rakyat finished their food then only the MB 姗姗到来。
Even Timbalan Menteri Kementerina Pertanian Datuk Wira Mohd Johari Baharum had to wait for him!

Pity all the VIP, they can't have their dinner until the MB reached. Means last night those at VIP table taking dinner very late lo.

And the anugerah didn't finish yet when my watch showed 11pm! Sorry, i am leaving liao, baby want to sleep!